Local Urban...Legend?

I live in Charlotte, NC, and ever since i was a little kid i’ve heard about a place called ‘Samson’s Used Car Sales’ selling cocaine. The story goes that whenever the guy is on tv and shows a picture of his big white dog and says ‘We’re Dealin!’, he has the goods. There is also a big sign on top of the actual place that says ‘WE’RE DEALIN!’ (which is, of course, their slogan). I have heard this from just about every single Charlotte native ive ever met, near and far, and it is impossible to drive by the place with someone in the car with you without them saying “they sell coke there”. There has to be some kind of truth for this rumor to have gotten around so widely. Any Charlotte 'dopers know whats up?

I dont know about the rest of your post, but this statement is surely incorrect.

you’d think that if everyone knew about it so would the cops…

You know, this will sound like I’m some sort of conspiracy buff or something, but I swear it’s true. If anyone wants to come to New York to see it, I’ll take you there.

There’s a bar in Brooklyn, one block from my friend’s house. (FTR, I’m not going to name the bar or give directions)

The bar sells cocaine and isn’t very discreet about it. To get in, you have to ring a buzzer. The bouncer looks you over and lets you in. You can buy a drink - a Heineken is $4 and a vodka tonic (served in a mini Dixie cup) is $7. As you walk around the bar, you come to a large room.

The decor is shabby and gross. The walls are stucco and the paint is chipping. Then you notice a couple doors (they look like closets) and two curtained corners, all protected by bouncers.

A patron will walk up to one of the closet doors and knock. It opens and the patron disappears inside. He emerges 20 seconds later. Next, he grabs a couple friends and gets in line at one of the curtained corners. When it’s their turn, the bouncer times 2 minutes.

Basically, at the closet door, you go inside to buy the coke. It’s $10 for one of those small dime (is that what they’re called?) bags. You can have up to three people in the curtained area to snort the coke. They provide razors and mirrors.

My friend who lives in the neighborhood told me that the place is owned by, you guessed it, cops. The coke they sell is shitty stuff originally confiscated in drug busts. They have been “busted” by legit cops, but only for being open after 4 am (bar time). They are always open the next night.

Trust me, this place is packed pretty much every night. I think that neighborhood is overrun with coke addicts.

So, if you suspect there’s a lot of coke in your town, the rumors might be true.

You’re description sounds very familiar to a James Bond plot (I don’t remember which one) where Wayne Newton is a TV evangelist and is selling drugs (dealer quantities) by using code words in his sermon.

Similar rumors have cropped up about certain establishments in just about every town I have lived in.

Several of them were pizza delivery places that would supposedly throw a little something extra in your pizza box if you ordered the right combination of toppings. Nobody, of course, ever knew what that magical taste sensation was.

Of course, at one of the pizza places, it turned out that one of the guys making your pizza was in fact a drug dealer, as well as the roommate of this girl I was dating. He never mixed his careers however, as far as I know.

> James Bond plot (I don’t remember which one) where Wayne Newton

Licence to Kill

There was a legend floating around like this when I was in college. You had to call said Pizza shop and ask for a pepperoni pizza, hold the pepperoni. :slight_smile:

Cisco, I’m in Charlotte, though not a native, and this was news to me. Is the guy you’re talking about Reverend Rob or the other “we’re dealin’” guy? I’ve never seen a dog on either one’s commercials, though I confess I usually try to use commercials to as an excuse to get up and do other things.

Its Samsons Used Car Auto Sales on E. Independence Blvd. near the Independence Tower. You can either drive by and see the big “WERE DEALIN!” sign or watch cable tv late at night, the dog is a BIG white dog and he’s usually sitting on top of a car. It’s almost funny to see how they just cut to a picture of the dog for no apparent reason if you know the “legend”. BTW, this rumor was around many many years before the movie “Half Baked” came out, the big time drug dealer in that movie is named Samson so when they sing “I wanna talk to SAMSON!” we all laugh our asses off thinking about our local Samson :wink:

KneadToKnow and I are the only Charlotte area dopers?!

This strikes me unlikely for a couple of reasons:

Why is the car dealer’s supply intermittent? Why doesn’t he have coke pretty much all the time? Admittedly, I don’t do anything harder than Nyquil, so it could be true that I don’t know about the vagaries of the drug market.

How long does it take to get a commercial taped and on TV? It seems like it would take too long, and the information would get out faster by word-of-mouth. I know even less about the sordid world of TV advertising than I know about drugs, though.

This story does have that queer urban-legendy feel to it, though–for some reason, I really WANT it to be true. : )

I almost want it to be true too because its just so cool to have your very own local hero, i mean drug dealer, on tv :wink:
But seriously though, i find it almost impossible that im the only Charlotte native on the board, hasnt anyone else heard of Samson?!!

Sorry for this shamless bump but no one has even taken a shot at it yet…
oh and…Podkayne(?) apparently he sells very large amounts of cocaine at once, like enough to negate the price of a car (some people say he hides it in the car and sells the whole car to the coke buyer, it would seem like a good enough cover up - neither one of them knew it was there as far as the cops were concerned).

Ok i promise this will be the last time i bump this thread but were supposed to be fighting ignorance here. Someone has got to know something about this, be it true or false.

Now this sounds like the plot of a movie called “mystic pizza.” People would call the pizza place and order a special pizza when what they really wanted was a male prostitute.

The movie Mystic Pizza was about a pizza parlor in Mystic, Connecticutt. It had nothing to do with male prostitutes.

If they were REALLY with it, the guys who sell you pot would show up at your house an hour later with a pizza!

That’s right. Do not do this again.