Stupid Criminals

I tried to verify this before posting it, but couldn’t find a source. NY dopers if you’ve seen this or read it can you post a link?

While on the way to work this morning I heard this news items out of Syracuse NY. Apparently a local entrepreneur (crack dealer) decided to model his business to take advantage of Americas drive thru mentality by setting up his own drive thru, in his home. Complete with window, intercom, and buzzer. Apparently police became suspicious of this drive thru (maybe because it lacked golden arches) and busted the guy.

Now a couple of thoughts here: I live in Oakland so I’ve seen open-air drug dealing, at it’s really obvious. I mean everything short of a sign saying “Drugs here”. But this, I mean the nads on this guy must have there own gravitational pull.

Do you suppose he had an extra value menu?

Any thoughts on an appropriate logo? How about a tag line and music?

Any stories you want to share?

Here’s a link.

Crack in a Box :stuck_out_tongue:

Many years ago I read this short squib in a magazine:
“A burglar, raiding a market, made himself a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich, dropped it, slipped on it, knocked himself out, was revived by police.”
Remember the Fotomat booths? They sure were vulnerable to armed robbers. One robber in Torrance, CA, victimized the same Fotomat employee in the same booth, approaching the booth with his gun and saying, “This is one of those days.” Well, one time he was nice enough to phone her before showing up. He said on the phone, “This is one of those days.” “OK,” said the clerk, and the man drove right over. So did the Torrance Police.
Merle Haggard, the C&W singer, and a friend named Mickey got real drunk one night. Their plan was to bust into the back door of a restaurant at 3 a.m. Sunday. They traveled up Highway 99, near Bakersfield, CA, and got to the back of the restaurant. They pried the screen door off the back and started trying to jimmy the locked door open. Then they heard the owner, who knew them both well, ask what they were doing. It turned out it was barely 10 p.m. Saturday and the place was still open for business. Haggard went to San Quentin, but was later fully pardoned by Governor Ronald Reagan–one of the few lucid things Ronnie ever did in public life.