Even more dumb criminals

This time from Alaska. So they included a federal judge on their hit list? Good thinking! Guess who won’t be getting oil dividend checks next year?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: better stupid criminals than smart ones!

Local crook here went into the do-nut shop to rob it. Of course we all know where the cops hang out. (Nope, you guessed wrong.) So the perp walks up to the cashier with his hands in his pockets and asks for all the cash. The clerk pulls out the cash drawer and pushes it toward her. The crook pulls both hands out of his pockets to grab the drawer. The clerk says “I don’t think so, get out of here.” The thief walks off down the street. The police station is just up the street and it was easy work for the boys in blue.

PS. With a pretend gun, always keep at least one hand in your pocket.