Local ways of expressing yourself

Ok in another thread I had a exchange with Fiendish Astronaut and it got me thinking.

Here in Ireland we use religious references in a lot of sayings.

[ul] [li]To express surprise - “Holy Jesus(you hear Jaysus)/Mary Mother of God would you look at that” [] Question - "What in the name of the Lord Living Jaysus are you doing? []Saying how you feel - I’m fine thanks be to God (probably very common elsewhere? ) [/ul] and many more.[/li]
These expressions are part of everyday speech and no longer hold any religious meaning for a lot of people. I’m an atheist and use one of the above or something like them every day.

So would anybody like to share some expessions from your neck of the woods.

Here in North Carolina we call the fraternity guys “cheddar dudes”. I forget why exactly.

The greatest low level insult comes from Pittsburgh. “Jagoff” (translated as jackass, but better sounding.)

I also like the sarcastic “piece of work”.

Here in Rhode Island, when someone asks you if you want something that you don’t either want or need, you say “I’m all set”. My son, aged 2, will yell that at me when I try to get him to have some beverage other than apple juice.