Local wifi names!

South Carolina.

Ours used to be “Skynet Global Defense Network” but we moved and got a new router, and not it’s a boring “Baggins” (not really, my surname has been replaced to protect the guilty)
I’m thinking of changing it but can’t think of a cool name.

So then Confederate States of America of America?

Edit: or “Army” I guess.

Same here. It’s a senior park so not unexpected. Couple of 'em are unsecured, too.

My router is ChaosManor; the hotspot on my phone is Howl’s Moving Hotspot (inadvertently suggested by my daughter, a big Studio Ghibli fan).

My neighborhood favorite, now sadly gone, was Get Off My WLAN — obviously administered by a (wo)man of rare taste.

Jerry? I thought you were dead!

let’s see,
visible are :

Rumors of Dr Pournelle’s death are, sadly, not at all premature.

(I’m not sure where I first encountered the term, but I didn’t make the association till much later. I just liked the sound, and it was a pretty accurate description of my household situation. Still is, come to think about it.)

Mine used to be called “FBI Node 1403.b”

There’s one of those (WiFi names) in my neighborhood, too – maybe you live near me!
I figured nobody would believe there’s an NSA Surveillance Van out there 24x7x365 but I liked the idea and set up a variant called FCC Monitor 9

Most of the routers near me are generic out-of-the-box names, though.

And, since my wife’s work has this odd rule that says they can’t work at home but they can work from a field connection (yet they won’t be reimbursed) I set up a channel called “Starbucks _______” using the franchise number of one in a nearby city.


How would they know what the SSID is for the WiFi she’s using? I don’t think it would normally be visible unless they have a monitoring program installed on her PC.

The one where I live is a boring series of numbers. Really really fast, though.

Now, the SSID on my phone
For a while I was naming it “Control Point 12A4”, after something I found scrawled on the sidewalk one day.

Then I discovered that, on my old phone, I could put emoji in the SSID, and my computer would recognize it. It was then called something like “������������������������️������ ������”. Yes, that’s roughly “Robots take over the world; potato.”

My neighborhood is boring…loads of “[name]Family” and “[name]Family-guest,” along with the usual Spectrums and Netgears. There’s an unsecured network for what appears to be an HP laser printer, and another one that’s just “guest” (I suspect that’s from the poolhouse). We did have “FBI Surveillance Van 2” for a little while, but it has disappeared. Pretty much the only oddball network (other than mine, of course) is “Buffalo Buffalo.”

It was probably wise of you not to change it to “my cock is now family friendly” during the transition.

The all time favorite one I saw was “FBI Surveillance Van”

My current one is a boring collection of carrier-issued alphanumeric characters.

Only three good ones in my neighborhood;
neuromancer, which is boring to me
internetofbrokenthings, which I find quite charming
scaleywhyareyousoold, which suggests there’s a story behind the name, it makes me curious.

CMC fnord!

We had one of those yesterday in NY state. Guess they get around…

My neighbor has two wifi connections. One is a default and the other is an unsecured “Guest”. It’s nice because our back bedroom sometimes has bad coverage.

mines just a bunch of boting one axcept one called "social d rules " named for the band social distortion… odd thing is that might be an old one of mine …

You are most welcome:cool: