Local wifi names!

I live on a short block which contains a few rental properties, and not long ago a few units saw new tenants move in. Prior to this all the visible local wifi network names that showed up on my device were kinda boring and usual, nothing like you often see in internet jokes.

Suddenly the list of nearby networks lists ‘a manageable pill addiction’, a curious name for a network indeed!

I am humorously looking mildly askew at any new neighbours, just in case!:smiley:
So have you seen any interesting names pop up on your listings?

The neighbors on our block are close (heck, we even had a quarterly newsletter for a while). If you look at the WiFi signals available here, they look odd… then you realize some of us named our networks as a pun on others’, then someone else named theirs with a parody of those…

Does that make sense? Like, the original one was “Pete’s Yellow House”, so someone change theirs to “Petey’s Dirt-Colored House”. “Across_The_Street_From_Pete” showed up, NETGEAR37 became “NOT_PETE”, and then came “Patty’s Puce Palace”…

And then fun was had by all.

I named my network “NO CARRIER,” which confused the heck out of people.

When some new people moved into a rather expensive home across the street, a new wifi name appeared in our list: “420forever”.

None of them seem to have jobs, at least they don’t leave in the mornings to drive to one. They’re quiet and mellow.

I can see one called “SurveillanceVan”.

Obviously it’s not really a surveillance van.

i currently see one named GetOut, which amuses me a bit.

Mine is a particularly obscure Star Wars-related reference, which is probably only amusing to me. :slight_smile:

Of… Course not

In my neighborhood, we have
Bob Loblaw (say it out loud)

I for a time had my network named Abraham Linksys.

The most interesting one I can find at the moment is “Palais de ______” (the blank being the name of the street I live on.)

A neighbor is “Bill Wi the Science Fi”

Our neighborhood is totally boring. Just bunch of ATT or Asus or Moto something-or-others. :frowning:

The name of my iPhone was “NSA Surveillance Van” for a couple of years, because when I’d turn on the hotspot feature, that’s what would show up as the WiFi SSID.

Right now, it’s “TRS-80” but I’m looking for clever alternatives.

Someone round here has Wi Believe I Can Fi

For years my wifi was names my cock since it amused me when I saw the message you are now connected to My Cock and I could make jokes when my friends connected too. Once I moved in with my wife she made me change it to “something family friendly” so now ours is Family Friendly.

I’m happy sticking with my nondescript and virtually impossible to remember WiFi name. I don’t even remember it exactly, though I can recognize it when I see it on the list of WiFi names on my router.

My phone is something similar to that. I don’t recall exactly because I’m not the one connecting to it. My house has two wifis with 2 channels each. Upstairs and downstairs quick and slow. Depends which one you are closest to and some of the older devices can only get on one of the channels.

For a long time there has been one called CSAA–I don’t know for sure what it stands for but I’ve always wondered if it had something to do with the Confederate States of America, because a neighbor a few hundred feet away flies a Confederate flag on a pole. Also, only a few days ago, a new network (or a newly renamed one) showed up named Trump2020.

I’m getting a very strong signal from a Hidden Network and a weak one form rupaul. Pretty much everything else (14 out of 20) is a variation of a default name.

Where are you? My first thought was an AAA affiliate, which according to Google’s preview serves “Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington” though I know that is at least partially false as NV and OR are different companies.