What is your wifi network name?

I have bought a very nice signed print by the Oatmeal featuring Nikolai Tesla riding a cat and a very scared Edison running from a death ray.. Therefore, I named my network Tesla (and the password is also related to the picture). What about you guys? Any special names or meanings?

“Jarvis”. Not very original, but my wife’s a Marvel fangirl.

One of my neighbors - I have no idea whom - has “Pretty Fly for a WiFi”, which is cool.

Iguanadon. The whole network has a dinosaur/fossil theme.

ChaosManor. Self-explanatory, at least to anyone who spends more than a little time here.



Echo Base.

Mine’s boring, but my neighbor’s is “FBI Surveillance Unit 3.”


Mine is just a generic name, but my neighbor’s is called penisballscock. It’s been years, but every time it “pops up” on my phone I still giggle.

Deadly Computer Viruses

Queen Trixie after my cat.

Randomly-generated 32-character alphanumeric string that I don’t remember, but can reliably recognize when I see it.

Are you secretly Jerry Pournelle?

Mine is named “Hail Satan”

I have a neighbor with “Unicorns are Awesome”, so I changed mine to “Dragons>Unicorns”

Abraham Linksys

FTL (Science Fiction fan)

One access point is ‘NSA Van 27’. Router calls itself Penetration Test Point 3’

Used to be “IWILLDESTROYYOU”. Now changed to slightly a mellower “HERALD_OF_NURGLE”. I insist on all-caps for my wifi names.