Logitech MX Revolution Mouse Question:

I have a Logitech Revolution mouse that finally wore out. I purchased another one on E-Bay without a charger or receiver. Well, it fit in the charger OK and charged, but I cannot get it to connect with my computer. (USB 2.0) It doesn’t say on either mouse anything about Bluetooth, which was my first thought about incompatibility.
So, am I screwed? Sold a defective mouse? Or are there different frequencies for each individual mouse? Also, I checked all the information of the back of the mouse (that I could read) and everything looked identical.
Any Logitech-ers out there can help me?

The operate on different frequencies or channels, otherwise having two mice in range of each other would cause interference.

They have to pair to the charger / base. I have no idea how to do that, but I think it’s done from within Logitech’s mouse driver software suite.

I think this linkmight help. Not super detailed, but this looks like what you need.