Wireless mouse: Can I interchange the receiver?

I used to own a wireless logitech laser mouse… I liked it a lot but then while moving, it got lost in the abyss.

Today I saw a great deal on a new wireless microsoft laser mouse… The mouse works great but there is a hideously BIG receiver. Picture

Even though the mouse was lost, I still have the receiver from the logitech mouse, which I liked! It was small and fitting… not bulky and unnecessary small and pretty picture

So, is there any way I can use the receiver from my logitech mouse on my new microsoft mouse? I am assuming they are the same technology… there has to be some way, right?

Disclaimer: Yes I know microsoft makes a laptop mouse with a small receiver. I have big hands, I like a big mouse. I don’t want a tiny mouse. I looked at them both and chose this one.

Depends. I didn’t look at your links or try to chase down specifications on those specific models, but in general …

If they are both Bluetooth, there is a very good chance they’ll talk to each other; 90+% chance of success.

If one is and one isn’t Bluetooth, then they won’t talk, period.

If they are both non-Bluetooth, I’d say the odds are about 10% success, 90% failure. Not much to be lost in trying though; just buy locally & save the reciept for the return.

The bases will have no trouble charging, but it is very unlikely that the base from one will talk to the mouse from another. The base and mouse from one package are paired to operate at a matched radio frequency. This is, in part, so that two mice used in the same room won’t interfere with one another. I have two Logitech MX1000s in use in the same room (one for the laptop, one for the desktop) and they work fine on their own, but one won’t work on the other.

There are only a limited number of frequencies on which they operate though, so there is a chance that you’ll find one that works, but since there is no way to determine that beforehand, and I have no information on how many different bands they use, it’s a crap shoot.