LOL!! Should I narc on my son? (Need answers fast)

So I just got a text from my son:

  • U wanna come over? My parents are gone* (Meaning his Mom and step Dad)

Obviously, this text wasn’t intended for me. I’m fairly certain it was meant for his GF.

Sneaky, lil’ guy.

I guess I’m going to have to be an adult and tell his Mom, but damn, I hate to rain on his parade.


Just text him back that you’re on the way. That should stop whatever he has planned without getting him in trouble.

How old is he? If under 18 then I certainly would.

Sounds like grade-A blackmail material.

Just text back, “wear a condom”.

How close are you physically? It would be so awesome if you were like “be over in 10” Then when you show up and he asks you why you’re there, you can be all like “you invited me!” And show him the proof.

Thanks, this is what I did. I called tho’.

LOL!! This would be awesome! Unfortunately I live 35 miles away. So it’s not an optioon. But if I did live close by; I’d so be doing this.

Yeah, I’d “narc.” I mean, the parents he’s living with should know what he’s doing when they’re not home…

I find this story to be implausible. The text is both understandable, has whole words and both Caps AND punctuation. Therefore we can safely conclude that no teenager wrote it and, in my experience, it is very unlikely that such a text has every actually exited.

Sounds like you’ve already responded like I would have although I would probably drive 35 miles to see the result of Green Bean’s idea.

Years ago, our oldest son would sometimes accidentally call us on his cell and we would be able to listen in on whatever party/converstaion was going on. My wife was quite surprised by the trash that comes out of a young man’s mouth when he thinks only some other guys can hear.

Cockblocking your own kid? Parents these days.

Years ago my phone rang and when I answered, an obviously adolescent male excitedly whispered, “My parents are gone! You can come over now!”

I was pretty sure I was too old for him, so I just burst out laughing and wished him luck.

…unlimited text messaging and calling, $69.99…

Priceless :cool:
…for everything else there’s Master Card :D:p

This is going to be one helluva parent-embarassment story/cautionary tale to tell the grandkids… who should be showing up a bit later than they could have :smiley:

How old is he?

Yep, that’s what the dad from American Pie would do.


Well, if the text went to Shakes, then it didn’t even get to the GF. So there’s nothing to block.

…man, I would TOTALLY drive 35miles for this if it were my kid.