Lolo, you are the weakest link


Is there a motherfucking link in the house?

:confused: Mangetout, are you having us on??


Hey, don’t you talk about my uncle Lolo that way!

The tragic story of Lolo’s life and death

God how I’ve missed you Coldie


Never heard of her, but then I plugged her name in Google’s new “Image Search” :eek:.

East…side!! Check out this wack shiznit.

Ho-ly merde!!

And I thought mine were a hassle!

Uh, before this goes any farther, I’m willing to bet Mangetout meant the Doper poster Lolo. I was just being facetious with that Lolo Ferrari story (which is a tragic story nonetheless).


I figured it had something to do with the board but I didn’t know who this Lolo was.

I just had to comment on that quote. Couldn’t help myself. So sorry.

Fuck the Doper Lolo. Lolo Ferrari’s a much more interesting topic of discussion.

Good Riddance to the poster Lolo (I wouldn’t insult Dopers b y calling it a Doper).

However the real tragedy is the other Lolo. Maybe we could take up a collection.

Are there any-CLOTHED pictures of this woman?

Just because I can’t possibly picture the horror and well, distortions someone would DO to themselves…I mean…UGH!

Like, maybe a before and after pictures? And please, NO porn pics…just because I’m having a hard time imagining how someone could do this to herself…

Y’know, here in Hawaii, lolo is slang for stupid or slow.

This is kind of a challenge. She’s got two official websites (put “Lolo Ferrari” into Google), but they’re both kinda…um…

With pasties (ads for videos).

And Guin, there is a nude pic of her at the goodbyemag site (Google it), that’s just her sitting there, but it looks so–freakish–that it’s hardly even pornographic, IMO. It looks like she’s got two big flesh-colored beach balls with saucer-sized fake nipples painted on. They don’t even look like nipples, you know?

She’s quoted as saying:

Geez. :frowning:

And you know, Mangetout, she died in March 2000.

Here’s lolo in action again. I’m not sure if he was just unable to read the OP or if his owners beat him with a bible when they were housebreaking the young pup. He seems incapable of intelligent discourse, preferring to froth at the mouth and piddle on himself.

Well lolo, if there is a Jesus, I’m sure he thinks you are an ass just like I do.

I keep hoping that Lolo the poster will indulge in intelligent repartee.

But, like his namesake, he seems intent on exhibiting that he’s just a big boob.

Um…you can’t bake a cake with turkey?

[sneaks off to kitchen to remove certain stained and spattered index cards from recipe file]