valenta8 irritates chiefscott!

I’ll personally piss on his mother fuckin’ corpse!!

Let me change that to a hysterectomy vice castration. It’s a she-troll, don’t ya know.

Whaddya’ trying to say, Chief?

Shhhh. I’m in trouble w/Nickrz.

Oh, come on Chief. Manny of us saw those posts. I read them in slack-jawed disbelief. I haven’t heard such language since Gramma got her boobs caught in the wringer. Good job.

You can let it go in here, Nickrz’s not listening. Right, Nick?

Ass-chewing 101

A prerequisite for entry into the brotherhood of CPOs. You should see some of my rants in person. The skipper once shook my hand (in private) – “I always wanted to be able to do that.”
But it’d be inappropriate for him – much as my comments were inappropriate in the GQ forum.

I missed the flames, and I’m extremely depressed about it. Does anyone have a cached copy of the thread?

Ah, AuraSeer, I’ve already asked Nickrz to forward me a copy. He probably won’t though. He got home from a hard day’s work, popped on his computer and promptly got knocked on his ass.
I was in rare form. Just enjoying my afternoon, catching up on some old threads, adding to a couple of new ones and, suddenly, a newbie with no clue "gry"s me.

I didn’t just lose it, I spewed. Posted. Thought of something even more nasty. Posted again. And again. And again. Then I questioned this putz’ ancestry. Then I found out valenta8 (oh, I’ve soiled my keyboard again) was a, pardon the expression, a chick!
So I called into question her qualifications for motherhood et al.
Nickrz shitcanned the posts quicker 'n shit through a goose.
I do admit they were inappropriate. For my posts to make DocFi’s jaw hit the ground, though, that’s a pretty good barometer for crossing the line.

But valenta8 still bites.

What did I miss…who is she, and how did she make you mad?Is the thread deleted?
Where/when did this happen…I want details.

Me too.

This thread and its title disturb me. I changed the title. I am not sure what else, if anything, I’m going to do with the thread. Even in the Pit, there IS a limit.

Lynn/SDStaff Lynn
For the Straight Dope

Scott: if you really are an E7 (note that I left out “Chief” on purpose), then you are just that. You certainly are a poor example of a Chief Petty Officer.

Oh, I dunno, Monty… I think that’s about as petty as one can get.

And the language is certainly salty, you gotta give him that.

Dext: granted; however, (and this really amuses me!) profane language onboard US Navy vessels is prohibited by a volume known as the U.S. Navy Regulations.

How about, Scott? They’ve been repealed on the CVN-69?

Scott can be the chief of anything-he-wants on my boat…the S.S.KELLIBELLI!

** Dont mind ‘monty’ Scott…he is really Valenta8 and just doesnt want anyone to know…right ‘monty’? :slight_smile:


I grew up a Navy brat. I never heard anything like that, and my dad was a salty as you can get for a Navy chief (CV-45 * Valley Forge *). There was a lot of cussing on flattops, especially if you worked flight deck.

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

Bluepony: there’s a lot of cussing going on throughout the Navy; but the prohibition against such has quite a long history. George Washington issued an order against it.

I don’t know about navy, but any army in this God’s green eatrh has rules and regulations against fowl language…(section 119, Natinal Defence Act…) Yes I used to be a Military Police…
However, no matter how cursing is prohibited, it shall always happen…and a lot of it.


Geeze – why do they prohibit talking about birds?


I looked right at that and missed it! damn…I wish I had said that!!!

Good one! :slight_smile:

Kelli *