London Dope: the post-mortem

A few people arrived, drank a bit, ate, drank some more, then left.

Oh, alright.

RickQ and mattk met up after a tentative exchange of mobile phon text messages. A few beer-style beverages later kferr and casdave made their way to the pub, the latter with the cunning idea of actually making a sign for other Dopers to read (damn these fiendishly intellectual northern types!). With fierra and ruadh adding the glamour to the gathering the night was in full swing – the (second?) coming of the messiah adding the spiritual element to justify our alocholic consumption.

Well, a few embarrassing admissions later (not by yours truly, of course) – how’s the cigarette burns, RickQ? – the merry crowd ended up in the salubrious environs of Chalk Farm, ready to stagger home and rest up for Sunday’s activities…

To be continued…(and yes, I am writing this very slowly and painstakingly at 1am on the night…pity me…)

Fierra, what was that quote I was going to use as a sig? Something about my liver? I’ve already forgotten.

Something about “even I wouldn’t eat my liver”…I think.

Alternatively, there is the “You have let me down Matt, I am bitterly disappointed” quote…

I made all my trains and got back to my local for a quick two and a half pints, and I’m amazingly clear headed this morning. The photos should be winging their way through the ether to your inboxes as we speak. If anybody else wants the evidence, drop me an email. I’ll be accepting bribes from the attendees to NOT send out the photos. :slight_smile:

Sheesh, I thought you folks were kidding about the “post-mortem” thing. You may have set a new record for DopeFests. I don’t think any have resulted in actual autopsies before.

Seriously reconsidering looking at the photos,

Be British, eat your liver… I am scared to move now.
Maybe I should stay in Austria after all?

Sounds like you had a good time :smiley:

I managed to hear most of what was said Mattk just as personable as I expected.This is ‘a good thing’.

Here’s how Cecil Adams came through for me.

After finding somewhere to stop at around 2pm it was time to go sightseeing.

Camden on a Saturday to a stranger is like sensation overload city, thousands of folk wandering around all ‘putting on the agony, putting on the style’, scooters and bikes throwing themselves through the traffic, strange crusty type folk, loads of music all colliding and clashing from just about every doorway, exotic food smells strange perfumes, bright colours, and too much to see all at once.

Wandering around Camden and the locale with my super abridged map of western Europe compressed onto a diary page, it didn’t take long to realise that better material was needed, so now I have a used only once London A-Z no reasonable bid refused.

When lost what do you do ? ask a local of course. Hah! try that in Camden, it was all I could do to find someone who spoke English, I think the real locals spot folk like me a mile off and either hide or give their advice just for the entertainment of watching others wander round aimlessly.

'Hogs Head guv ? Never ‘eard of it there’s a Stags ‘ead off toward Golders Green’, well thanks a bleedin’ lot mate!

Inspiration struck, London big city up to the minute and all that stuff, maybe they’ve got them cybercafes I’ve seen on the tv.

My ‘cybercafe’ turned out to be a bureau de change/low rate international call centre, still there were the computors now all there was to do was look up the message boards and find Mattk’s map and directions.

Well I tried the AOL search engine on www - no joy.

Oh well how about Chicago Reader - el zilcho

Well maybe the Hogshead, Camden, London - nope.

I became increasingly desparate and then the flash of inspiration I put Cecil Adams in.

BINGO - hole in one, bullseye, 147 break.

If I’d had a hat I’d take it off to you you came through when I needed you most.

Once I found the relevant thread it was dead easy to find the right place from the directions and the map.

I arrived with a mere two hours to kill, ever wondered how many cups of coffee, muffins, burgers and pizza slices you can consume while trying hard not to look suspicious hanging around Camden for two whole hours? >burp<

I then spent a good chunk of the rest of the evening trying not to drink too much so I could keep it all down, damn those London prices I paid handsomely for all that stuff no way was it going down God’s big white telephone.

I’m feeling a little tender this afternoon.

Of course, I’m sure that must have more to do with something I ate than the amounts of alcohol involved.

“amounts of alcohol”, oh spare us ya lightweight, you didn’t make it to Part II* today :wink:

Just had a look at kferr’s photos, they’re quite nice actually. It’s the ones from the end of the evening I’m afraid of!

*In which myself, RickQ and messiah met up for a Sunday afternoon session at the World’s End. More alcohol consumed (well by two of us anyway ;)). Nearly missed my plane home (and what a shame that would have been… NOT!)

We must do it again soon.

PS final score: 4-1 Celts, and did you hear who we drew for the next round Matt?

I did feel a little ashamed about not making it today, but given that I wasn’t well enough to get out of bed until 4pm I didn’t think I’d make it somehow…I blame that sake that messiah had, not the beer (obviously).

Ah…St Johnstone or Dunfermline eh ruadh? I’ll bet the Daily Record journos are looking for the comedy headlines already (“Super Pars Go Ballistic…nah”).

We should definitely do this again sometime.

I actually commented to RickQ today that last night I was the soberest I’ve ever been at the end of a Dopefest. (No beer scooter for me!) Hence it must be done again because I obviously didn’t do it right :slight_smile:

I had a great time meeting all you guys.

mattk, nevermind about today, we can do it all over again next time.

Messiah and I were talking about meeting up again in April cause it is already nearly Feb, and there is the Amsterdam thing in March. We can arrange the details later.

Casdave, glad to hear you got home OK. I’ll contact you about scanning the photos later.

fierra, keep and eye out for me on ICQ if you are around :slight_smile: I’ll mail you about the story you mentioned too. I have the title written down somewhere.

After the rest of you left, Messiah and I went onto another pub and had a few more bottles before staggering home at about 1am (the taxi driver was well dodgy too).

I think it was the saki that did it for me too. a bottle and a half is not good. Although I did feel pretty good this morning, once I actually got up. The place was a bit of a dive though.

It was nice and realxing today when I finally managed to get into the puv though. Can you beleive they were all closed until 12pm!!!

and Kferr, thanks for the photos :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, and I nearly missed my train cause Camden tube station was packed :rolleyes: and we had to walk to the next one. I have to run from the tube station at King’s X to the train, and all the way down the platform to the last carriage :eek:


I nearly missed my plane because Stanstead is such a shithole! I got there on time alright but finding the departures desk took ages ('cause there were no signs indicating that there was a second departure area for RyanAir and I stood at the wrong one for about ten minutes wondering when they were going to open up a desk for my flight), then there was a 20 minute queue for security and then I had to take a shuttle (!!) to my boarding gate. Barely had time to get my Veggie Whopper from Burger King, and had to eat it on the plane.

Rick, what are the dates you’re going to be in Dublin?

yeah, thanks for the photos, kferr, that was really quick…ruadh, we were right, I don’t look good in profile!

TVeblen - we said something about meeting strane people from the web, and thence to silence of the lambs & I said something about at least with dopers, they’d pick the right wine to have with your liver…that’s how come Matt said that…it sounded funnier at the time, I swear…and that was pre-saki!

you look better in that picture than I do, fierra! At least I managed not to blink, for once…

Sorry for the delay in posting guys, but I somehow missed this thread (stupidity is a prime suspect).

Thanks to all of you, for a great night. I can’t think of a better bunch of people to spend a Saturday night with, well not for under $200 each per hour.

I’m trying to get to the Amsterdam thingy, but I think it’s too close to my skiing week.

I’m thinking of hiring a professional photo-retoucher (is that a proper job title) next time, as the camera obviously is unable to lie about my appearance.

If any of you are London way, don’t forget I have a spare room, or at least email us for a pint or two.

I was fairly whelmed by Camden.

I think the next time we meet I’ll spend a little longer there.