London Pics are up

London Dope

I didn’t link this page to anything but the home page because I’m planning on changing the whole EuroDoperFests site and moving it to my own domain in the next few weeks.

Oh, and I just have to say that mattk looks eerily like the husband of my husband’s cousin.

Think I’ll need a family tree for that one, Taters – good work, though !

Nice photo’s, folks…just a little envious and disappointed that I wasn’t there to meet up with you all. Hopefully, next time.

Course, in the mean time, it would be great if any of you wanted to enlist for duty in Amsterdam - aside from fierra, who’s already signed up and ruadh (tuadh ?) who will, unfortunately, be elsewhere. Might be a bit lively…

tater, you are the pic posting master! You are a saint! Everyone should bow to you!

Sorry, L_C, can’t make Amsterdam.

tatertot, do you mean that there’s another raging truckload of man-meant out there that looks like me? The horror!

Just wanted to make sure all the London Dopers saw this.

And mattk, as far as I’m concerned you’re the only raging truckload of man meat that looks like you. I mean the husband of my husband’s cousin might resemble you, but he has no sex appeal, poor guy. :smiley:

Good job as usual Tater…woo hoo!!! makes me wish I was there…

Ouch! Nicely put, tater!

That casdave has London Pics he isn’t sharing. Send them on buddy & I’ll put them up on Monday. Use this addy:

Don’t worry about the size of the file, this account can handle it.

I think that the fact that he’s a cousin of sorts has something to do with his lack of sex appeal. Lucky you aren’t kin, isn’t it? :wink:

I must say that pint you have in your hand mattk looks like really good British beer :wink:


Looks like you had a good time though.

Definitely, yojimbo, next time you’ll have to join ruadh over here…

Is that a Belgian white beer, matt? Dentergems?

Depends what time of day it was…I started out on Fuller’s London Pride, then briefly switched to Hoegaarden, then went on to Guinness.

Fullers London Pride < blinks> Is it really only 4.30pm

What a wonderful drop - is that widely available in Amsterdam ?

Pics are winging their way to you Tater

I found that Batemans HSB quite a punchy little number, dunno what to make of that strange stuff in that flower vase that Matt was knocking back.

L_C – what? This was in London, not Amsterdam, right? (It’s Friday and I’m confused)

The stuff in the flowerpot is my concession to being a city boy now.

Never heard of the stuff, LC! So, I suppose you’d better bring us a sample then eh?

matt - probably not as confused as you’ll be in 4 or 5 hours :wink: I was just thinking about the forthcoming Trash expedition to Amsterdam. Suppose I could lower myself and sample the local brew.

Coldie - I walked straight into that ! 6 pack added to the list (I have a list ?). 6 should be enough for the locals.

If it’s up to me, we’re gonna skip the local brews almost entirely! (Heineken and Amstel are worthless, but I might take you guys to a few smaller, BETTER local breweries!)

If it’s Dutch pilsner, Grolsch it shall be. Other than that, we’ll focus on Belgium. And perhaps Ireland. :wink:

Nothing wrong with Grolsch in my book. Goodness, I had no idea this was going to be such a culturally varied weekend ! :eek: :smiley:

I’m also interested in some of your Thai or Jamacian blends :wink: