Lonesome George Dead at 100+

No, not George Gobel. He bit the dust years ago. I mean Lonesome George the Tortoise. The last of his subspecies, in the Galapagos Islands.

RIP, George. We hardly knew ye. :frowning:

Sic transit gloria mundi.

He was probably a Nice Guy tortoise and treated all the female tortoises with respect and dignity instead of like an asshole, which they all love.

Disclaimer for the humor impaired. Guys who “get the girl” are not all assholes. In reality George was just socially inept and when he thought he was being nice he was just being a pathetic doormat.

Celebrity Death?

Tsk, and so young, too:

I hear all the girls thought he was a creeper.

He lived with two females, but would not sleep with them. Maybe he was gay or he was the tortise version of Jack Tripper.

Well, they were females of another species (albeit a closely related one, with which crossbreeding might have been possible). George was the last surviving member of his own species for many decades. That is why they called him lonesome.:frowning:

So it is really more as if Jack Tripper had had a couple of female chimps for roommates. (One does wonder about Chrissy.)

Anyway, can you blame him for staying celibate? Look what happened the last time.

From Google Maps, here are some pics of Lonesome George in his prime along with other turtles.

Or a tortoise Gandhi, as Gandhi would sometimes sleep in bed with naked, nubile young ladies as a test for his celibacy.

Aw, R.I.P. George.

I didn’t realize the females weren’t technically the same type of turtle. I thought he was just gay or something.

Well, George certainly wasn’t all that curious.

“Oops, failed again!”

The girls wanted to like him but they could never get him to come out of his shell.

After a few decades, George apparently decided desperate times and all that. So he did mate with the female turtles and eggs were laid. But all of the eggs were infertile, perhaps due to the species being too far apart or George’s advanced age.

I’m so glad that I had a chance to see him two years ago in his Galapagos habitat. Hate to say it but he didn’t look all that great back then, so it was just a matter of time before the inevitable happened. Goodbye George.