Coitus Eternatus

And I though my prom night went badly.

Their last thought was “…so worth it…”

< Laura Holt >
On the wall? Like graffiti?
< /Laura Holt >

For erections lasting more than 4 millennia, call a doctor.

Cool. Thanks for sharing.

Well. That’s the last time I have sex in a lake’s deep layers which hold deadly volcanic gases or other toxins.

Hell, thats about the only time I CAN get some.

Cretaceous. So you’ll always be ready.

And you know that lady turtle is still thinking “geezus, when will he be done so I can get some damn sleep?”.

This is what happens if you use Cialis and spend too much time in those damned tandem bathtubs.

Maybe it’s just the incurable romantic in me, but I hope they leave them like that.

My Bapist neighbor would hit em with a fire hose.

Doesn’t matter, had sex.

Probably wise.

This is what happens when turtles go tantric.

All that photo needs is a caption:

“Viagra. Ask your doctor.”

My daughter has a theory: the lake was the scene of a turtle horror movie! It’s always the kids who go off to have sex who die.

At least they died happy

The missing second chapter of that Aesop’s fable.

Ya’know…if I HAD to pick a way to go…:smiley:

Making sweet love to a turtle and being buried alive in mud while doing so is NOT my idea of a great way to go. YMMV obviously. Though I will say it IS probably the best I can hope for.