Lonesome road, worth it? Also: The attack of the exclamation mark

The Fallout DLC came out yesterday. Has anyone tried it? How was it like?
Is it so buggy that I best wait a few weeks for the developer to release a patch?

Also, I’ve been playing NEw Vegas with the 2nd and 3rd DLCs installed as wella as a few mods. I keep seeing red triangles with exclamation marks in them. How do I fix that?

I’m backed up with other stuff, so I’m waiting till it comes on sale.

AFAIK, the triangle/exclamation mark means broken textures or something - you probably need to run one of the archive invalidation tools, or possibly reinstall the mods.

Bought it, played it, completed it.

It’s a lot like Fallout 3’s The Pitt in terms of feel, right down to enemies - the new ‘tunnellers’ might as well be trogs and there’s lots of rubble to clamber over. If you like broken highways and leaning buildings, you’re in luck. Zion National Park it ain’t. There are some great scripted moments, though.

A word of warning, it’s as hard as fossilised coffin nails - the aforementioned tunnellers will rip you apart in seconds if you’re not carefully and Marked Men wield new weapons as well as Brush Guns and Anti-Materiel Rifles to deadly effect.

Speaking of new gear, there’s a good selection of weapons, armour and equipment added. A fully automatic rocket launcher, elite riot gear and automatically injecting stimpaks being the standouts. The shoulder mounted 10mm machine gun is also all kinds of awesome.

Without giving anything away, it provides a resolution to the long foreshadowed Ulysses/Courier relationship, an interesting character to say the least…even if he is unfamiliar with the concept of connectives.

The DLC was postponed twice, so I’m happy to report that during my playthrough I encountered not one single solitary bug.

I just finished it and enjoyed it a great deal, although- without spoiling anything- I do think some motives weren’t properly explained and there’s still a lot of questions that need answers, but overall it was well done, worth the $10, and fits well into the over-arching story in a way that Dead Money didn’t.