Long haired, ramen noodle eatin' women - I got what you need baby!

Got it right here! Now you can tuck in!

WOW! is all I can say.

That does seem like the obviously, simple solution to the problem.


oogh, that was weird ass.

Who the hell eats ramen with a spoon?

She looks like a frilled lizard.

It makes less sense thenthe Japanese way of folding T-shirts.

One cheap rubber band will also work (I think, being a short-haired guy.)

I wish they went to slow motion instead of high speed every…single…time…they showed how to do that!

That is what would spring to my mind to keep my hair out of the way. Hell, that is what I do to keep my hair out of the way.

Mine is just below my bra strap in length, and I tend to keep it in a single braid all the time just to keep it out of the way. I used to have knee length hair, which is why I got into the habit of braiding it.

Here, this might make more sense to you (don’t watch at work):

Where did that come from? It appears to be Russian but has a fake phone number (with flipped sixes) and a backwards URL (ur.kimo.www = www.omik.ru ?)

Who eats ramen with a spoon?

I do. Before opening the package, beat it with your fists on the counter. Then prepare it. Nice little spoon sized pieces and no need for for the doggie cone.

I want one. Maybe I’ll make it out of old x-ray film.

Too bad for me my hair’s too short to need this.

I WANT ONE :smiley:

Looks like one of those dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.