Long Summer Weekend: Chicago or New York?

Since it now looks like I won’t be laid off after all, I’ll be able to take a long weekend off and go somewhere. I’ve decided on either Chicago or New York; help me decide between them.

New York: There are always things to see and do in New York; all the museums, the Village, Ellis Island, theaters, Letterman, and Dopers manhattan, vix, pucette, Eve and RosebudespeciallyRosebud.

Chicago, I’m sure has just as much to do, but I don’t know what any of it is; the City of Big Shoulders is terra incognita to me. All I know is it has a street named “Wacker,” and that’s reason enough to visit. As well, Dopers Magdalene, jarbabyj, JoeyHemlock et al. live there.

Wherever shall I go? Whatever shall I do?

Psssst. New York is better.

Though in all fairness, if Chicago is more unknown to you, maybe that’d be a better idea?

Except New York still is better…

Tough choices!

Bullshit. It’s Chicago, baby. Home of the Chicago Reader, home of the StraightDope, and home of Joeymother-fuckingHemlock. Everyone should come to Chicago.

I find NYC to be more Wow-you-off-your-feet exciting, but Chicago to be infinitely more do-able and user friendly. In NYC, I feel like I have to be on my toes all the time, and like I am a definite outsider. In Chicago I feel like I belong there and I feel freer to discover the city and make it my own.

But then that’s me with my definite midwest upbringing, and I suspect that has some subtext in my opinions.

Chicago has two ‘Wackers’, Upper and Lower.

It also has a street called ‘Lunt’

[sub]Jeez! Did I just type that out loud?[/sub]

And both of 'em are too hot in the summer. You should go to Alpena, Mi.

Chicago also has a street named Gothee.

No contest - do NY.

Chicago is just another big city. Maybe a nice big city and a really big big city, but just another big city. And this summer we won’r even have cows or furniture on the streets. But if you fly in on United, you can see the neat light show in the tunnel from terminal C. It’s pretty much all downhill after that.

New York, OTOH, is friggin NEW YORK!

I’m not sure if I should be relieved or offended to be left off your list of Dopers to do in New York.

That being said, both cities are great, and both have great bunches of Dopers (to see or do). It’s a tough choice.

I, for one, am not going to beg.

Like hell. Look at you, those puppy dog eyes. It’s all over your face.

Billdo, I apologize. You were under my radar, and I didn’t realize you live in New York. I’ll happily see and do you next time I’m there.

But for this time I think I’m leaning toward Chicago, mainly because I’ve been to New York many times but have only spent 23 hours in Chicago (in a hotel on Michigan and Wacker).

I say I’m leaning toward Chicago, but to firm up my decision I might have to see magdalene beg.

May as well make it Chicago, as you have wounded me grievously and I shall refuse to see you. You will find this to be a cold, cruel town.

No, not even if you get on your hands and knees.

So you won’t see me. Will you do me?

San Francisco

Chicago it is. Okay, so who wants to see me when I’m there (probally July-Augustish)? Get drunk with me? Take me to the zoo? Provide crash space?

Fuck that. If the Zoo wants you, they can send somebody by to pick you up.
[sub]There…I did you![/sub]

Check please!

Go where the pizza is best…

(waits for explosion…)