Look at this scary picture.

Scary picture.

It’s hitler!

I was kind of hoping it was one of those where something jumps out at you. This I’ve seen before.

So I clicked on it without looking at the site (like a dummy), and now I’ve surfed over to www.hitler.org on my work computer.

Anyone out there looking to hire a tax lawyer?

These pictures are incredibly fascinating. It’s like the entire country was a giant mosh pit.

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Cajun Man ~ SDMB Moderator

  1. It’s not scary at all, just creepy- genocidal maniacs are creepy creepy creepy.
  2. Hello Opal!
  3. What taxguy said. Grrr.


I wonder if, in fifty years, dopers will be posting pictures like this of Dubya?

Love the leiderhosen on the kid.

For some reason, I always find seeing color pictures of Hitler weird. Like when you imagine Hitler, you imagine a world in black and white.