Look what I found!

Baby hedgehogs. And they’re so cute!

3 babies in someone’s palm:


Yawning baby:


Awwwwwwwwww! Too cute.

OMG, they’re so adorable! I assume they were orphaned. Are their quills hard yet? And aren’t they still young enough to be milking-- what’re you feeding them? I hope they don’t die. :frowning:

Now, that second image reminds me of something… shouldn’t there be… let’s see…

Yeah. That’s more like it.

So, please, think of the hedgehogs.

Those are disgustingly cute.

You better take care of them properly or else all other cute things will bite you in the crotch.

Uh, folks… something about the page where these images are hosted makes me suspect that OP meant “found” as in “found these images on the internet”, not “found these hedgehogs in my back yard”.

Yeah, especially since my coworker emailed me those pictures weeks ago… :rolleyes:

You’ll put your eye out!!

Yeah, those pictures aren’t mine. I should have said so. :smack: I’m sorry.

Sure, they’re cute now, but wait till they grow up, and…


Wowm they’re really cute.

And then they can be a little nasty sometimes. I actually did acquire a baby hedgehog and raise it by hand once.

Just not these particular ones.

They look like Popples Anyone remember Popples?

Oh, I do! I used to scare the neighborhood kids with them! :smiley:

I still have one in my car. People ask me why. I reply “In case of an emergency” and change the topic. People don’t seem to notice that there is no possible emergency use for a Popple.

I can’t get over how much they look like some kind of animate kooshball…

“You can put your weeeeeed in there!”
Dude, baby hedgehogs…too cute, they can’t be real! :smiley:

Yes there is! To satisfy an emercency need for ice-cream! This is only effective if you’re a toddler, but still…
When I was about 5, and my sister was 3, we were in the backseat of the car, going…somewhere…with my parents. My sister suddenly chucked her Popple (a purple popple) out the window, and proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs. My parents realised what had happened, and agreed to turn the car around to go look for the Popple and shut my sister up.

We found it by the side of the road. Next to an ice-cream shop. The three kids (by 7y.o. brother was also there) promptly started screaming for ice cream. My parents gave in.


I sometimes wonder if my sister’s 3 year old mind had it all planned out…