Lookin' for SCORESVILLE!

  • A friend tells me that Anchorage has a male/female ratio of 9 to 1, due to the prevalence of heavy labor jobs there.
  • A newspaper article a couple days ago said that in the Silicon Valley area, there are about 5,300 more men than women, making it’s woman shortage greater than Anchorage’s (by total numbers, not percentages).
  • I also seem to remember that Japan was having a crisis in that in the past few decades, significantly more men than women had been born, and that a few percent of the men would have to marry foreigners if they wanted wives.
  • I also recall reading that 52% of the world population is female, so, where are the places that have men shortages? A couple male co-workers and I started talking and none of us had ever heard of anyplace with significantly more women than men. We supposed perhaps San Francisco, because even though the population may be split near 50/50, a greater percentage of men there are gay (are they?), removing them from competition, but we don’t really know - this was just a guess. All of us had heard of places that had women shortages, but none that had men shortages. Are they all in foreign lands? Anybody know Where The Girls Are? - MC

I don’t advise going to San Francisco thinking it’s boom town with a surplus of women for straight men. A few of those ladies will run your ass out of town. (smiley face here)

If you’re looking for abundances of single women, I bet you could find quite a few in… retirement homes. Women outlive men, at least in America, by an average of, what, 10 years or so?

According to this week’s Time Magazine, “the number by which single women outnumber single men in New York City is 537,311.” As a single woman living in NYC, it seems that figure is a little low. You should see the men who seem appealing! UGH!

The idea that it’s hard to find straight men in San Francisco is a myth we try hard to encourage. We don’t need any more people moving here and complaining about how much nicer it was back home where you could get real bagels, sausages or ++fill in the blank++ We get enough tourists…

“May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.” – George Carlin

Try Cancun on spring break. It’s amazing.

“I don’t advise going to San Francisco thinking it’s boom town with a surplus of women for straight men. A few of those ladies will run your ass out of town. (smiley face here)” - Pooch

-Now, now Pooch. You never know. Those women have never even seen my ass before. I could be that “Other Fish in the Ocean”. Moby Dick, , if you will. - MC

Violet street in SF has tons more women then men.

Poke street in SF has tons more men than women. Ya all figure that one out.

Poke Street…hehe…that’s a good one!

…it has never been my way to bother much about things which you can’t cure.

  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court-Mark Twain

Well as a single NYC man, I’m insulted. You’re either not looking hard enough or looking in all the wrong places.

In some places, you can’t swing a dead subway rat without hitting half a dozen beautiful people. My advice to you is to man-hunt well away from Wall Street.

I agree that there are lots of beautiful people in NYC, but I wasn’t talking about physical beauty and I’m not attracted to the 500,000 single women. MC was looking for male/female ratio and NYC appears to have the worst slant (against my favor, in your favor)

So, I am begging you men: Please populate this city because it’s been my experience that all of the cool, fun, intelligent and witty men are either gay, attached or not living here.

P.S. Alpha, I don’t go within 20 blocks of Wall Street, ever!

SCORESVILLE iz where da ROCK iz at

I’d have the government of Scoresville look into your deportation. You’re making the ladies sick and scaring away the wildlife.

check out http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/index.html

It’s the cia world factbook and has various info about every country in the world, including sex ratios broken down by age group. For the U.S. it is 0.99 male/female in the 15-64yo category, better than most countries, actually. Brazil is 0.97, the lowest I found in my brief glance. There are over two hundred countries, so you’ll have to do some research to find the absolute BEST place.

I’ll be interested in hearing how your date on Friday goes, Loverock. Be sure to give us lots of details.

Your Quadell

Hmmm. I’ve been playing with that source a little more. A couple of rough patterns: The m/f ratio is generally lower in those parts of the world where life is especially difficult, Third World countries with bad economies and tropical diseases. Ratios for European countries are almost all above 1.0. The new lowest ratio I found is Guinea-Bissau, with 0.9; plenty of women right? Unfortunately, the life expectancy is only 47 for men and 50 for women, which no doubt helps to explain the ratio.

Another pattern is that there seem to be a lot of women running around central Asia. The former Soviet Republics of Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan all have values below 1.0.

Thank you for qualifiying your statement, Melanie. I am no longer insulted. NYC is rough place to be single in general. But just let me know, I’ll hook you up with a whole bunch of nice hetero NYC men. I’ll throw in the swinging dead subway rat in free of charge…

APB, I think your observation is generally supported. Bad conditions, particluarly famines, result in fewer men being born. IIRC, one reason is that male fetuses generally are less likely to survive in harsh conditions female ones.

APB & Alpha -

Are you sure about that? IIRC, the worse conditions are, the more likely it is for parents to kill female children, since they are seen as a burden only. (The perception being that they can’t work in the fields, the parents have to eventually pay a dowry, etc.) The female children might initially survive, but they are more likely to be victims of infanticide than men. This has gotten better over the years, but it’s still a factor in Third World countries.

      • Well, it did occur to us that war-ravaged places would typically suffer a shortage of men, but we aren’t quite that desperate yet. - Nursing homes? No comment. - MC