Looking for a College? UW Madison

Ranked in the top 5 in all major categories:

Lots of Beer

Lots of Hard Liquor

Party Schools

Reefer Madness

I went to UW (hence the name), and yeah, there’s a lot of partying to be had. But it’s one of the best colleges in the country. I’ve heard it called the largest collection of alcoholic geniuses in the world, and that’s a fair assessment.

I just graduated in May, and I sure miss having a hundred or so bars filled with engaging conversationalists within walking distance of my house.

Growing up in northern Illinois, we used to visit Wisconsin quite often. The drinking age was 18 there at the time. But I have to agree UW is a very good school. Actually I recommended it to the daughter of a good friend of mine.

Class of '89 checking in and I would send my own kids there in a heartbeat, if I had any…kids, that is, not heartbeat.

Watch number 72 (82 on defence) on their football team this year.

Shodan, Class of 78

Class of '93, and loved that place. Sure you can party hard, but you can also get a great education. The town is wonderful too.

Bah, Miskatonic U is a much better univeristy that Wisconsin.

Class of '05 here. Am loving it. Left a scholarship at a private school to come here a year and a half ago, am getting a much better education. :slight_smile:

I can attest there’s plenty to do if you’re a non-partyer or non-football fan. I know there’s a school fight song, but I couldn’t sing it for you. I didn’t drink until a couple of months ago, I’m the sleepiest drunk in the world, and I have no desire to smoke up. But I have a full and active social life and am having a great time in general. Every week I am going to some amazing event that makes all my non-UW friends jealous.

The one drawback to UW Madison will probably be this:

Future Job Interviewer: Tell me about your education.
Me: I have a BA in English from UW Madison…
Interviewer: Ahhh. knowing wink Party school.

As I’m typing this, the world-famous Madison Halloween is going on right under my windows. :smiley: Gotta get into my costume.

I also just graduated this past May. Madison is a great town (I also went to high school there). Sports Illustrated also ranked it the #1 college sports town.

Daowajan–any riots this year? I actually missed them last year, though they did affect me. My boyfriend and I were waiting at the Union for the DrunkBus (excuse me, SAFE Bus) to take us back to my apartment at 2 AM and it never came. Probably because it couldn’t get there due to the riots.

I wouldn’t worry too much about your troubles in getting a job due to going to a “party school.” Being an engineer, I could be a smartass about having a degree in English, but I’m one of the few who respects L&S students (mostly due to having an art major roommate, and seeing all of the time she had to put in the studio to get projects done).

BS Meteorology - UW Madison, 1985.

Great school. Cold. Nobody knows how to celebrate summer like the cheeseheads.

Halloween is on again? I thought they did away with it in the late 80’s or early 90’s. I remember the police used to grease the streetlight poles to keep people from climbing them. I can say with certainty that Halloween nights in Madison were the most polluted I have ever been. Not even close.

The cops said there were 50,000 on State friday. The papers were reporting 65,000. Only about 20 arrests (if i recall) for underage drinking and what have you. They usually don’t follow a riot up with another one, they’re usually smart enough to cool it for a few years after a bad episode. ie) Beating Michagan in '93, then waiting until this year to storm the field ater beating Ohio State, of course we haven’t won since then.

They moved all bike racks off State, banned bottles, tied all the trash cans together and other things.

There was something last night, bands, costume contest(cancelled), etc. to stop the students from rioting. It started raining about 10 I think, and still is so that may have been a bomb. I’m too cold right now to go out and get the paper and see what happened.

It is a good school I guess. I just wish the people who went there, graduated, would stay around, the city and state would be better off. They all leave. Brain drain. I can’t blame them though.

You left out Sorority and Fraternity Life, in which UW doesn’t rank in the top 5.

I thought about going there, but it didn’t offer me enough scholarship. Still, I agree it is a good school.

Well, never let a couple inches of rain stop a student on a misson. Another 65,000 were on State last night. There are alot of people who come from all over to be there, not all UW students. Most of the rioting last year was done by people not from madison.

There were 100 arrests last night, mostly underage drinking. Only one bus shelter got shattered. A few got hauled to Detox. Steve Bartman (Of chicago cubs fame) was a popular costume. Interestingly, the Madison ‘Police Chief’ decided to go visit relatives in DC this weekend. Nice timing Richard.

Saturday’s review if you care: http://www.madison.com/captimes/news/stories/60310.php

BS Mechanical Engineering, 2004; applying for the masters program in same.

Did you know we’re a nuclear power?

That’s a 1 MW reactor, just down a hallway from most of my classes. I’ve stood on top of it and looked right into the core. :cool:

Unfortunately, I’m out of state on co-op this semester. Having a paycheck and a nice apartment kind of make up for living in Rockford for seven months, but I’m itching to get back. The food, the stores, the atmoshpere, the people… there’s really nothing that can compare with Madison.

From Cap Times:

"Bob Kirmis probably got the highest marks, and his costume was drawing strong reactions from those he passed by. He was dressed as a scene that will probably never leave Cubs fans’ minds. His body was covered in the ivied wall of Wrigley Field along the third base foul line. He built it from fabric and a wood frame. "

I saw this guy Friday night! That costume was even cooler than it sounds. He couldn’t walk more than a few feet without someone stopping him to take his picture.

KeithT - can I go look at the reactor sometime, or does it become unstable upon contact with L&S students?

Last year, I lived a block away from where the riots took place, and I slept through the whole thing. I woke up in the morning and when I went outside there were barricades everywhere.

A friend of mine just started graduate school there this sememster. She loves it.

Tip for the future - best response to this is **not[/'b] “I wouldn’t know - I don’t really remember very well.”


Look for an Engineering EXPO. They’re held in April on the odd-numbered years. You pay a couple bucks and tour the engineering campus and see a lot of exhibits. I know that in 2001 they let people come in and look at the reactor. There’s really not much to it. I went up to the top and looked down through a whole lot of very pure water and saw some machinery. IIRC, they didn’t give tours this past EXPO. Maybe concerns about security? Maybe check out www.engr.wisc.edu . They might have something about tours.

And Keith–even if Rockford is lame, a co-op is awesome experience. I know that’s what landed me my job. The extra money was nice, and frankly, I needed a break from school.


(I would have replied sooner, but my internet connection has been flakier than a croissant the last couple of days.)

As far as I know, the new security regulations handed down by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission after September 11 put an end to tours of the reactor by the public and student groups, but you can see a couple of virtual tours here and here. However, if you come by the back of the Mechanical Engineering building on cold Tuesday and Thursday mornings, you can often see vapor clouds-- and sometimes even snow-- produced by the evaporative cooling system.

easy e, there’s no doubt that, professionally and economically, a co-op is in my best interest, and I could probably turn it into full time employment, as well. I enjoy a good deal of the work I’ve been assigned this term. However, after six months of 8 to 5, and doing more administrative deskwork than “pure” engineering, I’m ready for a change.

Graduated class of '99 here. I want to stress to all of you out there that not every stereotype you hear about UW is true. During my stay there I never had beer or hard liquor or marijuana or wild parties.

At the same time.

That often.