Looking for a good foundation (make up)

Doper Girls, I have tried SOOO many foundations over the years, but I can’t find one I love. The texture and the way it interacts with my skin is the problem. I’ve tried drugstore brands, department store brands, and the fancy-schmancy designer brands. My skin is mostly oily, but my cheeks can get flaky. I also have rosacea and broken blood vessels so need good coverage. However, I don’t have any wrinkles to speak of. I’ve been using Bare Minerals, but by the end of the day it has separated and formed a yukky coating on my skin. I don’t particularly like a matte look–I’d like some shininess and glowiness.

What foundation do you love and why?

I’m sure there will be lots of suggestions shortly, but I wonder whether you have tried a primer as a base first? Perhaps if you did a bit of surface prep before you put on the foundation it may improve the staying power.

My other reaction is that you may need to try a few products for the different aspects you are trying to deal with. A stick foundation/concealer for the areas which need more coverage, and a lighter more liquid one for elsewhere. Perhaps even an illuminator to give that glow.

So perhaps I’m suggesting it’s more about application that product. If that sounds interesting, you may want to look at Lisa Eldridge’s online video tutorials (partly as they are really helpful, and also because she’s gorgeous). She has lots of product recommendations too.

Wow, you have almost the same issues with your skin that I do…a bit of red around the cheeks and nose, and a bit oily, especially in the hot weather. I SWEAR by my regime that I have been using for about ten years now. I use Prescriptives Traceless skin responsive tint (more of a tinted lotion than a thick foundation) which evens out my skin tones wonderfully. Then, on top of that I use the Presciptives Magic Liquid powder to then even out the liquidity of the lotion. I only use it on the forehead and nose, and it does sort of matte out the finish, so skip that if you prefer the lovely, dewy look. They don’t sell Prescriptives in stores anymore, but you can buy online.

I am not a makeup girl, but since I found CoverGirl’s CG Smoothers I haven’t used anything else. It comes in squeeze bottle-thingy, is fairly cheap, 6-7 dollars maybe, and is light but covering.

I had no idea it was advertised as useful for ‘dry skin’, which I do not have. It advertises that it ‘constantly hydrates your skin’ yadda yadda. I haven’t noticed anything like that.

I just know that it’s light, covers decently, and yeah, stays a little moist. Not the kind of moist that rubs off everytime you touch your face, just…yeah. Dewy, I guess. Anyway, I love it.

I do use a primer. I’ve tried several of those, too. It makes a difference. What primer do you like?

I will definitely check out the videos.

YOU CAN’T BUY PRESCRIPTIVES IN THE STORE ANYMORE?? What’s up with that?? This sounds like a very good routine. I’ll investigate the products.

I like that I can experiment with this for cheap. Will do. :cool:

I use BareMinerals as well. In addition to using a primer underneath, I make sure to exfoliate 2-3 times a week and moisturize. In addition, I mist my face every so often and that helps a lot. Do you make sure to let each layer of product dry before applying the minerals? Do you make sure to use the smallest amount of minerals for the coverage you want? I HATE liquid/cream foundations because they feel like slimy plastic on my face, especially in the hot, humid summer. The BareMinerals feel creamy and elegant.

I probably drop the ball on this. :dubious:

It’s not really the “glowy” look you’re looking for, but I love Urban Decay’s De-Slick in a Tube to eliminate oily sheen, then Make Up For Ever’s HD Invisible Cover Foundation. Great amount of coverage without looking totally caked-on; it looks more light to medium depending on how you apply it.

These videos are FANTASTIC! Highly recommend them! Very professionally done. Many videos like this are of someone in her living room stammering out a presentation. These are quite polished.

You could just try powder instead? Past a certain age, powder is better anyways, since foundation can get in lines and make you look older than you are. Revlon ColorStay pressed powder is good stuff!

I am LOVING the Lisa Eldridge videos! I’ve just watched about 6 of them. She is charming and articulate… and holy moley: I never saw so many different products! Wheee! They’re not all pricey–she used some Revlon and even some Rimmel.

Yeah, I have a girl crush… :slight_smile:

I don’t have the same type of skin as you, but I use Smashbox primer and High Definition foundation. Smashbox has quite a few primers, maybe you just need one more suited to your skin type.

I really haven’t tried a lot of brands, I am pretty happy with the results I got with those products.

I suggest primer, as several other people have already. Weirdly enough, the best primer I’ve ever run into wasn’t actually a primer at all – it’s CVS-brand sunscreen. Their SPF 95+ sensitive-skin face stuff apparently has a neutral silicone base. Knocks all of my actual makeup out of the park. Anything you put on top of it will actually stay where you swab it, which helps a lot with covering redness.

I do use primer. I currently possess at least three. I’ll give the CVS sunscreen a try. :slight_smile: