Looking for a "Good" luck story...

Does anyone have a story where good has won out over evil? Specifically, I mean a situation where there can only be one outcome and there’s no going back once that decision has been made. It just seems like evil wins every time.

Looking for apples hopping back onto trees…

  • Jinx

i don’t think i understand the question. what do you mean by this? i have good shit happen to me all the time, but i don’t think that “it was the only outcome”. please clarify the specific question and maybe i can come up with an example…

I guess I am specifically thinking of life handing out justice, for once. Such as a cheating friend finally get caught at their own game, for example. I guess I mean has anyone personally experienced justice acting swiftly? (Instant karma, I guess?) (excluding current events)

The time lost waiting for payback is equally as bad.

  • Jinx

So. I’m on an exit ramp coming off the highway one day. It’s a two-lane ramp, because it turns left from one lane and right from the other.

I notice that the car in front of me has their little gas tank door open. Then I see on their roof, the gas cap is there! It’s summertime, so I roll down my window and say “HEY! MA’AM!”

No response. I yell it again. I don’t wanna get out of the car, but I’d like to tell her, just to be nice and save her having to replace it. She still doesn’t respond.

So, I tap my baby Corsica horn, really really really lightly, for about 0.001 seconds. My horn doesn’t go HONK HONNNNNK, it goes “Beep! beep!” like the Road Runner. I give her one single beep to get her attention. INSTANTANEOUSLY, from her front seat, TWO middle fingers fly into the air. (One apparently belongs to either an extremely short old lady or a very small child.) So I sit there, astonished.

The guy driving the car to the right of me looks at me, and I mime: Small door. Gas tank. Screwy-on object. He looks at her car…and starts laughing hysterically. So do I.

It’s not instant karma, but I know that whenever she got home, or stopped for gas, and realized that I wasn’t being a putz, I was trying to tell her, I know she felt like CRAP.

Heh heh heh.


Do you mean like what people, including Ghandi and Martin Luther King, accomplished?

I was driving home to Chicago from Iowa State. The University of Iowa is on the way, so there’s LOTS of college students on the weekends. This guy passes me honking, gets in front of me and slams on his brakes. I figure there’s something wrong with the car. I pull over. Nothing that I can tell. I get back on the road, and before too long, I’m behind the same guy. He slows down and pulls in beside me and tries to run me off the road. I pull off and stop for a while. I have NO idea what’s going on, and still don’t to this day. I get back on the road hoping that I’m far enough behind him that I don’t encounter him again. About half and hour down the road, I see the guy off in the ditch with what looked like a flat tire.

Small smile.

I hate to be a downer, but weren’t they both shot and killed for trying to do good?

I always immediately pay for my bad behaviour. If I say something snotty and wrong–BAM!–It’s like God says, “Thou shalt stub your toe,” and my body says, “Thy will be done oh Lord,” and then goes the Big Guy one better by not only painfully stubbing my toe but whacking my head on something, really hard.

I have had some pretty heinous acts perpetrated against me, and those people got off scot free. I’d like to think that that means they must be bleeding or rotting internally and won’t discover it 'til it’s too late, but if I do, the Lord will smite me, lo mightily.