Looking for a great talent. Help!

Help me.

I’m looking for the name of an artist, and I’m assuming this is the right place.

He is a solo acoustic guitarist. Back around 1989 - 1992 my ex had a CD of this guy and it was absolutly amazing. But I cant remember his name. And I have no contact with my Ex so I can’t ask him.
I have this feeling his name started with a ‘C’, but I know that when I hear his name I will remember him.

It was instumental stuff, but not classical. At times it was a little ‘Folk’ like, but rather modern.
I’m not sure of his nationality, but I know he is not Russian, Polish, German, Asian, or South American. I guess that leaves Australian, American, British or Irish.

If anyone can give me some names that would be great.

Leo Kottke?

Chuck Pinnell?

Neither of these sorry,
But thanks for the guess.

Keep 'em coming please.

John Fahey?

Jim Croce


A Jim Croce link w/ “Time in a Bottle” soundtrack. Maybe this is the guy, if not it’s still a great song…:slight_smile:


try it again:rolleyes:

Larry Coryell?

Sorry, none of the above.

Maybe this guy is more obscure than I first thought.

Finding this guy has become my goal for the day.

If I find him I’ll let you all know.

But please keep posting, I will check here randomly in case I’m unsuccessful.

Thankyou for your help.

Martin Carthy ?
Ry Cooder ?
Steve Kauffman ?
Edgar Cruz ?

Yahoooooo… I found him!

His name was Phil Keaggy!!!

Ahh, now I can rest!!