Looking for a (non-massive) multiplayer game.

I’m off at college, so contact with my girlfriend has been reduced to IMs and phone calls. We thought it’d be nice to get a game we could play together online, so we checked out The Underdogs to see if we could find anything that piqued our interest. Maybe we weren’t looking hard enough, but nothing presented itself. The only requirements are that it allow TCP/IP connections and run on a three-year-old Thinkpad. Ideally, something with cooperative play and a storyline would be nice, but it’s not strictly necessary.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

System Shock 2! But then, I tell that to everybody who asks about co-op PC games though I have yet to finish a campaign with anybody. :frowning:

There’s a Half-Life mod called “Sven Coop” that allows for cooperative play through the single-player game. It also comes with a batch of maps specifically for that mod that rely on multiple players to push switches and such. It’s free if you already own HL, which is really cheap now.

How about Neverwinter Nights? It’s a roleplaying game, with elves, dwarves, dragons and alll that. You can play the official game and expansions together, and there are plenty of player-created mods you can play too.

The only problem is that you might need to purchase two games for two computers, and that could get a little pricey.

Well, in the year 2000 I used to play Diablo2 with a long distance female friend of mine. It didn’t work out romance wise (back then I was too shy to make a move and eventually she went for a guy from Texas on our second real life meeting), but since you already got the girl, it might be a neat game to play together.

I recommend Yahoo! Games. They aren’t RPGs, but there’s a lot of choices, from card games to pictionary to scrabble to battleship. All free, and will work on just about any old computer. When my online friends and I want to kick back for a bit, we head over there.

I also second Optihut with Diablo2, and throw in Starcraft.

If you’re looking to role-play, why not role-play through IMs? It’ll be a more intimate setting, and the stories will, of course, be more tailored to your personal tastes.