Looking for a nut dispenser. Google is no help with such an hilarious search.

Yeah, I love pistachios. As do my co-workers. And I recently discovered Chili-lemon Pistachios, which are about the greatest thing ever. My co-workers and I went through about half a pound today, everyone remarking about how much they loved them.

I hate us all digging through a bag though. It’s nasty and unsanitary. One of my coworkers has a really nice little candy dispenser (wooden with a glass bowl, you pull out a little tray and out pops about 1 oz. of M&Ms)

I asked him where he got it but it turns out it was homemade.

I’ve been searching online for a dispenser I could put on my office desk. Not much luck. What I’m looking for:

  1. It should be able to dispense pistachios
  2. No reaching/pawing/grabbing in. Ideally one would open a slot or pull a lever and get a roughly metered amount (~1 oz?) of pistachios without having to handle them all.
  3. It should be something that looks ok on an office desk (well, I’m still in a cube, but you get the idea.) Office looking. Nothing overly crafty or food-service looking.
    4)<$75, give or take

Anyone know something like this?

Search on EBay for “candy dispenser”.

Those pistachios sound interesting.

Get one of those vending machine ones, kinda like a gumball machine that you see in bars sometimes and make your coworkers pay! :slight_smile:

Wait. Pistachios come in this really cool external germ guard case (also known as a shell). So what is the concern about?

Yeah, but roasting opens the shell, exposing the nut. Plus with these magnificent chili-lemon pistachios people tend to suck on the un-shelled nut, then fully crack the shell (with hands), then eat the nut, then grab some more.

So there’s hands and saliva going on here. I’m not a huge germophobe, but this is a bit too much. I need a metering/delivery system where one doesn’t touch the other nuts.

You are a huge germophobe. Put them in a bowl. Add a small fancy spoon. You might want some paper cocktail plates and napkins. Maybe some antibacterial dispensers or wipes.

People scoop out what they think they might eat using the spoon. When they run out and want more, they scoop out some more, again using the spoon.

Digging through a bag is really louche.

I’m thinking M&Ms or maybe even a rice dispenser, those dispense constant amounts (1 cup)

People get tired of anything, even pistachios (they do). I don’t know if I’d be investing in a nut dispenser just yet.

If you must though here. Nice and sanitary

I got my husband a gumball dispenser for his office, which works very well with jelly beans. Jelly beans are about the size and shape of pistachios. So search for a gumball or candy dispenser, as Vita Beata said. You might even be able to find one locally.

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