Looking for a speedometer like this for iPhone

I finally got an iPhone (6S). On my previous, Android, phone I had the Ulysse Spedometer. I really liked it. Is there something similar for iPhones? I did download one speedometer, but the Ulysse is much nicer.

Waze has a speedometer on it’s map screen. Or are you looking for a standalone speedometer?

Waze annoyed me, the way it wouldn’t shut up after closing it. I’m looking for a stand-alone speedometer/altimeter/GPS app.
ETA: I like the layout of the Ulysse speedometer.


I use something called “GPS Test”. Free and pretty basic and has speed, elevation, compass, sunset based on location. And a few other neat tools.

It also has a share function to send your location easily to others.

It works for me.

Do you have a link?

There are several free GPS/Speedometer apps on the apple app store.

I have one. I’m looking for recommendations for one that is closer to the one I had.