Looking for a video game suggestion

Hello fellow dopers!

I’m looking for suggestions for a new video game, but I’m looking for a particular type of game, if it exists. It’s going to be an RPG style game, with turn based elements. Platform isn’t terribly important, I have most of them, nor is the date of creation important. I don’t care if the graphics are bad, so long as the game isn’t.

Recently I’ve been playing an old NES game called Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Pool of Radiance. This is an old favorite and I find I still enjoy it today. But the game is lacking in a lot of areas, notably depth and balance. An updated, more polished version of this would make me very happy!

Here’s what I want. I want an RPG style game that has a deep character creation/advancement element to it. I also want a game that has a turn based, grid-based strategic combat system. Finally, I want a game with an element of exploration to the gameplay, like Pool of Radiance or, say, Diablo or something.

Does this game exist? Thanks for all the help!

Well grid based combat with exploration and character development I’ll have to go with Fallout 2 though even patched it’s still a little buggy but with a little poking around you can find some very extensive fan made patches.

I still go back and play Legend of Dragoon on playstation. It’s 4 discs long and I found it to have a good story and pretty interesting combat.

I’m playing Fallout 2 now and it’s fun but I enjoyed Fallout more (which is why I never finished Fallout 2 years ago).

Speaking of Fallout 1 & 2, how are the Baldaur’s Gate and Planescape games they advertise after installing? I know I’d have to find a copy by searching old shoeboxes or something but I never did play them.

Never had the chance to play Planescape, but Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 are very good, if not what the OP is asking for. Lots of content, replayable IMHO, and a lot of good lines.

Planescape: Torment is dated, but very good. Easily one of the best plots seen in a game. Like Baldur’s Gate, though, it also doesn’t quite fit what the OP’s looking for.

I might suggest Final Fantasy: Tactics (Playstation, soon to be rereleased on the PSP, I think) or Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance (Game Boy Advance). Both fulfill the first two criteria; character advancement is very involved, and they’re both turn-based/grid-based games. However, there’s not a whole lot of exploration to either one, although FF:T has its share.

I love FF:T and it’s among my top ten all time games I think. Excellent suggestion, though I probably should have mentioned it to begin with. I thought the game boy advance edition was terrible.

It doesn’t feature a character creation process, but the Heroes of Might & Magic series are a decent Turn-Based RTS-way of killing time. The last one (V) is a solid incarnation of the series, though its’ fans seem to think I through III are better. Well, we all agree on skiping IV entirely.

Also, you could check out something like Bioshock. It definitely has a touch of explaration and many RPG elements, though it’s an entirely real-time shooter. Now I know that, most likely, your hackles will have been raised by the word shooter, but relax just a bit and try it out. Most major gaming sites (Gamespot, Filecloud, Fileplanet, etc) has the demo for a free download. I just bought it and it’s definitely worth the $90 I paid for it. (That’s in Norway, it’s $54 on Steam)

You might try Luminous Arc if you haven’t already. A gaming buddy says it’s very similar to FF:T and isn’t a bad game. (I’m not willing to praise it further than that, not having played it myself.)

I recommend the Fire Emblem series (on Gamecube and GBA) over FF:T and Disciples II or the Age of Wonders series over the HoM&M series. They have more tactical depth and less weird crap that doesn’t make any sense. Disciples II can be a bit hard to find though.

I have been wondering what this game was for the longest time. I’ve owned it in the past and forgot the name. The game is GREAT though. I highly recommend it.

Also, the Final Fantasy series - can’t go wrong with that. Chronotrigger for SNES is another great game - possibly the best of the time. The 3 big shots from the genre got together to make it. It’s also a rare game, so try the ROMS market for it.

Apparently, the “big three” got back together to make Blue Dragon. It’s comming out for XBOX360 soon and it spans 3 game CD’s. So much content that I’m drooling. It has gotten great reviews abroad.

Ah, Pool of Radience. One of the best RPGs ever.

I just got Blue Dragon today, and I played the demo. It’s a throwback to the old Final Fantasy style of RPG and not the Oblivion type. I dig it a lot. Of course, the only problem is the abundance of anime in it.

A really out there game would be the Buck Rogers games. Never really managed to play it (Dad bought Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed years ago, but I could never find the manual) but I know it’s an RPG. Can’t say what the game is really like. I’ve seen good reviews of it at various places on the net, so it might be worth looking for.

Final Fantasy: Tactics (or Advance) are excellent games. Chronotrigger is also quite good.

Though not exactly what you describe, you might enjoy the Lunar series if you can find copies. The battle system, while not exactly grid based strategy, relies on character positioning and the number of steps per turn each character can take. Not a bad story either and the localization group did a hilarious job with the translation.

You might want to check out Arcanum, Divine Divinity (has a sequel, Beyond Divinity, which I haven’t played yet), or maybe Wizardry 8.

ChronoTrigger was re-released for the PS. It’s packaged with FFIV, and is available NEW at Amazon for $14.99. Two great games for 15 bucks. I’m sure it’s available elsewhere too, it’s just that I looked at Amazon first. Square added some fantastic cut scenes, too. If you have a Playstation, you MUST get this collection (if one can call two games a collection).

I loved ChronoCross, but apparently I’m in the minority.

Arcanum is a very interesting game, but Google for the level 127 cap patch, as well as the regular patch. Basically, the world has been running mostly on Magick, but Technology is becoming more popular, and more common. Your character can be one of a variety of races and professions. What’s more, you don’t have to stick to one particular profession. You can pick up some thieving and magickal skills, for instance, or you can be a pure technologist. There are a variety of sidekicks and sidequests to get, too. This is one of the few games that allows one to play a truly evil character. Damn, I’m gonna have to dig that game out again and play it.

I love Fallout and Fallout 2. Mere words cannot express how much I love those games. They’re dated, the graphics are not great, but oh, the gameplay.

Neverwinter Nights is a little old now, and NWN2 is out, but once you get the 2nd expansion pack installed you’ve got more character creation options than even the Baldurs Gate and Torment series.

With less character options, and perhaps more focus on action than RPG, is Fable. Still a great game for fan’s of the genre.

I’d recommend both Torment and Neverwinter nights 2 (better than the first nwn game I think plotwise). Torment is my favourite game of all time.


Betrayal at Krondor has always been one of my favorites. Its freeware so you should be able to download it somewhere.