Looking for a wav/sound file

Okay, this applies here because it is mundane and pointless.

I have been having difficulty getting to sleep at night because of the winds we have on the Front Range of Colorado this time of year and in addition to that my nieghbor’s dogs end up barking every freaking morning…I’m about to go ballistic.

Anyhow, they have these “sound soother” machines on the Sharper Image but I feel stupid spending $79 + for only two sounds that I want, ocean waves and rain…I have a computer that cost me well over $2000 back in 1997 sitting there and doing nothing except as a back up if this machine goes down.

All I need is the ability to have similar sounds in a wav or other format that I can loop and thought maybe one or some of you know or have sounds like this I could possibly use to help me sleep!

Keep in mind, they need to be legal stuff (royalty free.) But anything you can do to help me would be greatly appreciated. Please refer me to a site or even email me with a file.

To anyone that can help me get to/stay asleep will forever be my best friend.

Hi Techchick!

You could get a CD.

I’ve heard rainforest music, which was quite good. I’m sure you could get ocean and rain.

Whenever I can’t get to sleep I use Deep Forest.

I you really wanted a program there would surely be one out there.

I’ve gotten the CD’s that Ell talking about. I’ve got “Thunderstorm Suite” (which is very soothing) and a Forrest Rain…something. I’ve seen sounds of the ocean, running streams, and crackling fire (and a few I’m forgetting).
Anyway, these are a pretty cheap alternative. I have seen them at places like Wal-mart for around $10 (Canadian), so they’re a pretty cheap alternative.

Sorry I couldn’t help more. I don’t have any wav files like that; just the CD’s.

sigh And please forgive the crappy grammar & repeating myself. I’m getting off a sleepless weekend…

Techchick, I found a nature sounds page (promoting recording nature) that has a good rain wav file, an already mixed/looped longer rain/thunder file (though, it’s an mp3, because of the size), some river files, and quite a lot of other stuff. It looks like they’d be pretty good for the royalty free stuff, too, as they apparently take requests for sounds.

Still trying to find ocean sounds, though.

If you don’t mind a little Japanese koto in the background, a track at MP3.com titled Sea of Tranquility might be your ticket for the sound of ocean waves.

I found some good ocean sounds at this page. The one “ocean.wav” is looped on the main page, and sounds ilke it would be very relaxing.

I’m not sure if this site will help you, heck I’m not even sure why I had it bookmarked, but the name sounds promising:


Thanks! I will check a few of them out and see what works.

Any more suggestions would be appreciated. :slight_smile: