Looking for an episode of "Science Fiction Theatre"

I had found that Youtube carries come episode of this series, which I watched after school when I was a kid in the late 50s. One episode dealt with a little girl who seemed to appear out of nowhere. When asked where she was from, she said, “The third planet from the sun.”
As the episode continued, some people suspected she was involved with some kind of conspiracy…one man said she had admitted she claimed she was from Mars. But a man defending her said, “The third planet from the sun is the very Earth you’re standing on!” I tried to find the episode and get its title, but Wikipedia was no help. Any ideas?

“The Strange People At Pecos”.

Thanks! I followed that up. That was it! :slight_smile:

OP: Check out “Uncle Earl’s Classic TV” site, he’s got a crapton of old sci-fi films, among many others. Hog Heaven! :slight_smile: