Help me remember what series this barely remembered episode of sci-fi was from.

Well, I think it was an episode in a series. It’s totally possible this was either a movie or a half-remembered dream masquerading as a quarter-remembered television program.

I have incredibly vague memories of something that I probably watched on Syfy (I think before the name changed to Syfy). The image that my brain keeps kicking forward is of a beach cabin on a cloudy/grey day, and although I know there’s at least one character in the setting I don’t recall any identifying features, not even skin color or gender.

The details I can remember are as follows:

[li]set in a Pacific Northwest beach town rather than a Californian type; foggy/cloudy rather than sunny[/li][li]this was not the normal setting for the show- either it was normally set in a big city, or maybe it was Stargate and set at Stargate Command/off-world normally?[/li][li]there was probably some sort of weird conspiracy going on? I feel like that was a thing that was going on. If there was a conspiracy, I’m almost certain it was a Stargate episode, because images of Teal’c in a hat covering up his forehead thing are trying to jump onto this clump of memory when the word “conspiracy” is added.[/li][li]aired prior to 2009[/li][/ul]

I watch Warehouse 13 fairly regularly, and I’ve watched large chunks of The Chronicle, Invisible Man, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, Eureka, and other scifi programs that weren’t on Syfy channel, but I feel like it was probably a Syfy channel.

Sounds like the Stargate SG1 episode: nightwalkers


That would make perfect sense- the Jonas Quinn era is when I started vaguely watching Stargate and I barely remember anything about it.