Help me ID this early 1990s SF series

I have a vague memory of it. All I recall clearly:

  1. It was conspiracy-theory-based – there was an Illuminati or something.

  2. The main protagonist was a woman.

  3. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life figured heavily.

  4. It was very short-lived.


Could it have been “Millennium” with Lance Henriksen?

Definitely not.

VR5, perhaps? I don’t remember the tree of life, but it’s a 90s Sci-Fi TV series with a conspiracy, and a female protagonist…

That’s it! Knew it was something Information-Agey and cyberpunky. Thanx! :slight_smile:

Dark Skies? It was sort of an X-files ripoff. It was set in the '60s, and about these two people, one man and one woman, had to stop these insect aliens who could take over human bodies. They were behind all sorts of nasty stuff, including the assassination of President Kennedy. The aliens were being helped by this top secret government agency who was hunting the two heroes.

Curse my too late posting of useless information!

:smiley: Glad to help.

I hardly remember the series, but I liked it when it was on.

Sounds like it actually ripped off from the '60s series The Invaders. Or maybe X-Files did. Of course, when Heinlein wrote The Puppet Masters in 1951, he acknowledged the premise was old hat already.

VR5 was a terrific series, but was hurt because the first episodes were so-so. At the end of episode three, however, something happened that showed this wasn’t going to be an ordinary show, and it went on from there. Plus it had Anthony Head playing Giles. :wink:

Makes you wonder who make sure it would be canceled . . .

[cue X-Files theme]