Looking for an obscure webcomic

A while ago I read a webcomic, and because it was on hiatus at the time I put it into my list of URLs to check on later. Unfortunately due to a hard drive crash I lost that list, so until recently I forgot all about the comic in question. I sudddenly remembered it and thought I’d look it up again - no burning need to read it or anything, just mild curiousity. It was quite interesting, even if the Templars have been done to death. I’ve tried googling, but I don’t remember any names or details that would be useful in narrowing down a search (not to mention I’m not very good at finding obscure things on google).

It was about some descendants (of sorts) of the knights templar. They were based offworld and for some reason were born, fully grown, in some sort of weird energy thingy. I could be misremembering but I think that they were born with the memories of many people who had died on earth. All the templars were male, except for one female who was born in the comic (towards the end of what I read).

Anyway, the Templars had two abilities that I can remember. Firstly they were able to travel between different worlds - I’m not sure exactly how that worked - and secondly they could create these strange smoky blue weapons. I think the latter were based off alien technology within the templars body. They made a big deal about how technology normally couldn’t be carried between worlds, except for a new experimental gun developed by one of the main characters of the comic (Which doesn’t seem to last very long anyway). The comic starts with him and another templar hunting down a rogue, although it turns out that the guy who invented the gun was in fact working with the rogue. They ‘capture’ him, and return to the Templar city to find that all the templars have been killed except for the three of them. After some sneaking around the city they enter the room where new templars are born - I forget why - and find the female templar in the process of being ‘born’. Apparently the energy of the device that makes new Templars is harmful for non-templars, and it causes one of the three of them (not the rogue or the guy who invented the gun) to transform into some sort of demon - his true form or something.

That’s the point at which the comic stopped, although I think it was supposed to start again in october last year ( I believe the artist was getting married, hence the hiatus ).

Anyone know the comic I’m talking about?