Looking for an online fitness group, can anyone help?

Hi all… (waves)

I used to do a little bit of fitness modeling several years ago, kind of got out of shape (yes, we’ve all been there…) and would like to start preparing now for eventually getting back into it. I’m really looking for online groups of women discussing fitness modeling and competition issues, sharing information, and encouraging each other. This wouldn’t be just a “diet and exercise, let’s all lose weight” group, but one centered specifically around fitness modeling and competitions. Yahoo Groups was one place I thought of, but honestly, I don’t see how to wade through the 8,000,000 groups for individual models (which seem like ads or, shall we say, appreciation societies for these particular models). Does anyone know of an online group like the one I’m trying to find?

Thanks so so much,


Check out Figure Athlete, the sister site of T-Nation.