Looking for Godzilla Toy


I would like one of the takara godzilla egg (http://www.16bit.com/godzilla-egg.asp) , but nobody shipping to Hungary. Please somebody help me! Thank you!


Takara merged with Tomy in 2006. Your link is from 2004. You might have trouble finding the toy.

So… What happened to the original MPSIMS thread ‘Godzilla He Tastes Really Neat (Is He Made of Turtle Meat?)’? :confused:

Damnit, I’ve never seen that before, and now I want one too!

A quick search shows that eBay has had some up in the past (but doesn’t currently). You might be able to sweet-talk or bribe a eBay seller into shipping it your way if/when another one comes up.

Other than that, I don’t have any good advice. Make good friends with someone in Japan, and have them keep an eye out at all the local shops? A 2004 toy might still be on shelves at a smaller retailer, but that’s unlikely.

More Googling brings up this site: http://kaijufanmarketplace.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/takara-godzilla-heisei-wind-up-egg/. You could try sending him an email and asking whether he would be willing to ship it your way.

The OP was originally a zombie reviving post. It was split off to it’s own thread.

I ask him at last week but he doesn`t shipping here :frowning:

Where will he ship? You need someone to act as a “middleman” that he can ship the toy to, who will then in turn ship the toy to you. A hassle, added cost and time in transit, but if you really want it, it’s worth considering.