Looking for good computer part websites

Just looking for some good websites that sell or give reviews of computer parts.


Tom’s Hardware Guide is a good place to start.

Anand Tech is also informative. For purchasing parts you can’t beat Newegg for service and good prices.

If you want to buy computer parts or a complete system try Monarch Computer
DISCLAMER: I do work for Monarch Computer, but I was buying systems/parts from there before I started working there.

Mods: I’m just trying to give the OP another choice, not just advertising a company I work for

I have to second Newegg - very competative prices, and everyone I have talked to has had no problems when they needed to return a defective part.

I find The Tech Report to be a very good computer part information and reviews, and the forums there are very helpful.

I would stay away from Tom’s Hardware Guide - general consensus in the tech community is that THG can’t be trusted farther than you can throw it , and some of the reviews at that site are at odds results wise when compared with the scores of every other tech site.

www.aria.co.uk and www.novatech.co.uk both have cutomer feedback sections for individual items.

I’ll second Monarch Computers and also add Directron . Both have good prices and a good selection, I use Directron by default since they are nearby (Central Texas) and Monarch when Directron doesn’t have something I need (like a SATA RAID 5 controller card).