Looking for good thoughts ...

I haven’t really been comfortable sharing this with friends or family, but a thousand casual acquaintances who have no idea who I am sounds about right …

Just got back from ferrying my wife back and forth from her OB/GYN. They called earlier this week wanting her to come in because her Pap smear from her physical came back ‘abnormal.’ :eek:

Today she had a colposcopy and the doc’ took a scraping for a biopsy. And she’s as scared as I’ve ever seen her. I know she’d appreciate prayers and positive thoughts, if anyone has any to spare.

-Christian (unchecking ‘show signature’ until he thinks of a new one :frowning: )

I’m sending a whole bunch your way.

Good thoughts headed your way.

I just wanted to send some positive thoughts to you and your wife. I had this happen to me about 7 years ago, my gyn told me that 80% of women get abnormal results back at least once, of that 80% only (his words) 20% develop further problems. I know the waiting is hard, and I hope you both get good news! Margo

It sounds like they’ve caught it early, which is a very very good thing. I know at least three women who’ve had abnormal results, my mother being one of them, and all have been given a clean bill of health after minor surgery. In my mom’s case, it was cervical dysplasia (pre-cancerous cells) and a laser surgery removed the affected cells - that was more than 10 years ago and she’s not had any recurrence. There’s a very good chance your wife will have it just as easy; hang in there & best wishes to you both!

My prayers are with you and especially with your wife. I can tell you love her dearly, but I can also tell you that the way you are feeling is minor compared to how she is feeling. I have been there, not exactly in the same way, but quite similar. She needs all the love and support you can give her, and I am sending mine.

Keep telling her that things are in hands far more powerful than ours, and that you will be here for her…no matter what the future holds.

If you aren’t familiar with this song, I would suggest that you look at the lyric and maybe buy the CD for her.
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Let me add case to the list – I’ve had that experience, too, and while it is no fun waiting, the chances are that the results will be absolutely fine. The tests will probably come back as nothing wrong; at worst, a tiny area of abnormal cells is very easily removed and she will be none the worse for it. Concentrate on how wonderful it is that modern medicine and regular checkups keep her from actually having any serious problems later.

Me, too, both in the been-there-done-that club and the good wishes and prayers.

It’s very likely that it’s nothing, and it’s even more likely that if it IS something, it’s something fixable. Won’t stop you from stressing, but keep it in the back of your brain anyway.

Incoming prayers!!

Warm happy thoughts… Warm happy thoughts…

Hugs for MrsSimmons - perhaps she needs ice cream as well?

Warm happy thoughts… Warm happy thoughts…

Prayers and good thoughts. And hugs.

Add me to the been there done that club.

Prayers and good wishes coming your way for both you and the mrs.

Warm hugs too.

Rico and Kathy

Thanks, everybody. Your thoughts are much appreciated!


Sending warm thoughts your way. Let us know how it turns out.

As requested … her doctor reported today that the biopsy results came back, and she is ‘normal’. (I can only assume this refers just to her cervical tissue …)

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all of the warm thoughts and wishes!

Yay! Phew! Yay! Phew! Yay!

That is excellent news! Hooray!:slight_smile: