Looking for help with my new old Ipod touch

New to me but about three years old… my daughter passed it down to me. It’s an 8 gb.

She can educate me on the music but I could use some help on the email and internet features.

I’m connecting just fine. Is there any listing of common web sites that have touch versions? I see that Facebook has one for example.

Email is working well too but I’d like to find a way to save certain emails to a folder. I see that there is a “Move” command but when I use it there aren’t any options on where to move it.

I see that I can go to Contacts and send an email… is there a way to add a contact who sent me an email?

Maybe this user guide can help answer some of your questions

When you say “web sites that have touch versions”, do you mean a “mobile” version of the website, or do you mean an iOS application written specifically to manage information from that website?

Thanks for the response and link.

My daughter was actually more help with the non-music stuff than I thought she’d be. Since she knew about the Apps Store for games I was able to find alot of “mobile” versions of web sites.

The thing I still can’t figure out is how to create a folder or mailbox for emails that I want to save. I’d like to be able to clear out the In Box but save certain emails with attached Excel files.

Bumping to change the subject a bit…

This little guy is my first experience with any Apple product and I’m loving it. It’s also my first experience with any kind of “smart” device (I think is the term)… I don’t use a cell phone.

If the IPad is comparable I may get serious about getting one… any comments?

I have never owned a cell phone, either, and my husband got me an iTouch for Christmas.
I like it though the wifi aspect makes it, for me, more difficult to use.
I have a feeling that I will eventually end up with an iPad, but that’s down the road.