Looking For Lynyrd Skynyrd T-Shirt in 2 XL

I guess those boys must think people come in only small , medium, large and XL, 'cause I sure can’t seem to find the American Girl, Vicious Cycle or Harley Nights in any size bigger than XL.

My friend Peter in Rothenburg has asked for one of these as a Christmas gift, and I guess it must be a licensing thing, 'cause I haven’t had any luck whatsoever and I’ve googled my ass off.

Any of y’all got one ya wanna sell me? (That’s in decent shape, of course!) :smiley:


Quaisimodem - I have a suggestion for you: do you have a local Harley dealership? If so, they should carry the t-shirt, or will know of a store that has it in stock.

Suggestion #2: visit a t-shirt shop in your local mall, one of those that applies the picture while you wait. You pick the size of the shirt, and they do offer large sizes.

Suggestion #3: As a last resort (more expensive), you can easily find a company that will take your image and impress it upon a t-shirt.
So now - I have Free Bird stuck in my head. NOOOOO!

3 very fine suggestions Blonde! I’ll check out the Harley shop first. I have gotten him American Harley T-shirts there before, though no LS ones.

I should have thought of that myself, but that’s what I have you and my other Doper buds for, right? :wink:

What was it that Arthur told Guenevere after they met in Camelot?: “I’m not accomplished at thinking. I have Merlin do it for me.” :smiley:



When t-shirt shopping, these are my two favorite sites:

http://www.rainout.com (Excellent quality shirts, I have several from them.)

http://www.t-shirtshopper.com/ (Kind of a clunky t-shirt search engine, but it keeps you in the t-shirt realm anyway.)