Looking for lyrics to bad easy listening song

Late one night I was driving home (after a drink or seven) and while scanning the radio, I came upon a cheesy, sappy love song that sounded like a mix between smooth jazz and easy listening. The lead singer was a man, and the back up chorus was sung by females. He’s basically singing about how she’s everything to him and blah blah blah… I don’t remember a lot of the lyrics with the exception of the following…

The man says something like, “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable when I’m close to you.”

The females sing a chorus (and repeat it like 3 times) that when something like “Until after the rain falls” or something like this… man it was a bad song, but funny… anyone out there know what i’m talking about?

I’m sure it’s not the olivia newton john song… and of course, the station didn’t offer the name of the song or anything… Thanks.

Go to Google and type a phrase from the song into the window there. If you’re CERTAIN about a phrase, put it in quotation marks.

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