Looking for Opinion Only on Same Sex Marriage for English Class

I have an assignment for English II where I have to interview two people to go with my research paper.

I need to interview one person who is pro same sex marriage and one who is against same sex marriage.

If you are willing to participate please post here and say pro or con. I will contact you via the Email address you have in your profile.

I did ask for permission to post here because I consider this homework help and permission was granted. This thread will be locked once I have my two responders.


In case it’s relevant, I’m also from Spain. Sorry about the double post, sorry sorry sorry.

I’m for it. 45 year old married female, living in Georgia.

Were you pro or against?

“For it” means pro, Manny

Nava thats what I thought SnakesCatLady meant. But you said you were pro so I need a con to interview as well

Not that you need another one, but I’m all for it as well. I wonder if you’ll garner a “con” response.

I might be able to argue a con response, but I’m definitely pro. I don’t know if you’ll find many ‘con’ people on the boards, statistically speaking…

There are currently a couple of threads in GD on the subject. randyjet and magellan01 are arguing the con side. You could try to contact them directly if their e-mail is listed. Neither (IMO) have particularly good arguments, but magellan01 is generally pretty smart and articulate, so he’d be a good choice. I know kanicbird is also con, you could see if she wants to help you out.

Thanks I usually avoid GD because I’m not great at debating but I’ll pop over there

I don’t see any reason to deny an entire portion of population the same civil rights as others have. I’ve never heard one iota of legitimate evidence that SSM is bad for the society. IMHO it’s in the same realm as interracial marriage {which was against the law in several states} woman voting and other civil rights that we have fought for. Every time some group opposes the civil rights of another group with some self righteous BS, they have failed and that failure has improved the country rather than hurt it as they predicted.
So, I think it’s ridiculous that anybody would see SSM as dangerous to our society. If you think the gay life style is a sin fine. Let God be the judge not you. If you don’t consider a SSM holy or “sanctified” then fine. Hold your opinion. But let human beings have the same legal rights that you want for yourself and those close to you.

That’s a pro SSM btw

I’m against same sex marriage, because I’m against marriage in general.

But if we’re gonna allow marriage, we ought to allow it for everyone. So I guess I’m not a good con. Sorry.


Let’s not turn this thread into something I’ll have to move to GD. That’s not the thread’s intended purpose.

Frank thanks for trying to rein in this thread. I may have a coworker who is against it but I don’t like discussing issues like this at work