Looking for PC Games that feature Pacific Rim-style giant robots

I’ve loved giant robots for decades, and since Pacific Rim came out, I’ve been looking for a similar game I could play. I think the Mechwarrior series is too complicated, it’s like a flight simulator. I liked mechcommander a lot, but MechCommander 2 made it all complicated again. Supreme Commander I didn’t like much. It reminded me too much of Warcraft, where it was pretty much a race to build the “good” pieces, and once they were built, you might as well quit the game right there. From what I can tell from TV commercials, TitanFall looks right up my alley, if it runs on PC.

Thanks for suggestions.

I’ve played Titanfall quite a bit on PC. I like the fact that, although mechs are really fun, they aren’t invincible and can be taken down by people on foot.

It’s very COD-esque.

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division is supposed to be good, but it’s 16 years old.

Armored Core, but I believe all the games are console or handheld.

Didn’t some free to play mech combat game come out recently? I think it was Hawken. I have no idea if it’s any good, the reviews seem to be mixed.

*MechWarrior *isn’t really complicated honestly, it’s pretty much a first-person shooter (or third person, if that’s your thing - but I prefer to play in cockpit view) with tank controls and a heat bar.
It’s silly fun to play around with crazy mech builds, too. Atlas (the largest, slowest, mightiest one) packed full of piddly machine guns ? Sure, why not. It kinda works, too, although it does turn your entire screen yellow :slight_smile:

The torso mechanic does sort of rely on a joystick (though I suppose you could make a gamepad work). Or at least it’s a lot more comfortable with a joystick than with the mouse+keyboard controls.

Mech Warrior online, Hawken, the last transformers game is lauded a lot too. Titanfall is indeed available for PC. There’s also Strike suit zero and front mission evolved.

Shogo is the tits! Played it through many times, and sometimes just loaded a random save to run around in a giant robot.

The on-foot sequences were pretty decent, too.

I don’t think it will run on the newer Windows without some tweaks, though.

Actually the hardpoints system prevents that. There are restrictions on how many of a certain class of weapon can be mounted in a given location. A laser hardpoint can be any laser but you cant just load a torso with 16 medium lasers or machine guns.