Whats the latest out there in Mech-land?

I enjoyed the Mechwarrior series, is there anything more recent in this genre I might have missed?

There’s a Battletech movie “in development” but it seems to have been there for about six years, so don’t hold your breath.

Best mech games i can think of are the Zone of the Enders series (1 and 2) for the PS2, though not so much mech as action games that happen to take place IN a mech, still feckin ruled though.

The Armored Core series might be up your alley, again a console-based series but pretty customizable as far as your mechs are concerned, and decent overall games.

Also there’s the ever-present Gundam games, don’t know how many of 'em make it over to America but here in Japan you can always find the crazy Gundam pod game at the arcades and there are like infinity-billion of them made every year for consoles

I do remember the mechwarrior series quite fondly, though. Used to have a great stick for my computer that I got specifically for mechwarrior. Ah, those were the days (when I, you know, had money)

I don’t know if you mean an arcade style sit-in-a-pod game with several pods linked. If so, then yes, they did make it over here. Not called Gundam, though.

The franchise is currently owned by this company: http://www.virtualworld.com/

There used to be a BattleTech center here in San Diego, but it went out of buisness.

Yea, that’s the basic idea. There have been a few of those pod games (when I was 10 and was in Japan for my first time I played one, adn that was 15years ago) the Gundam one is simply the newest, and well, Gundam, a RIDICULOUSLY popular franchise over here


Exteel is a free, MMO FPS. Featuring giant robots. Not as tactical as Mechwarrior, but worth a shot. Same people as City of Heroes.

Does it have foot soldiers, tanks, planes, and artillery, too? If so, I will buy high-speed Internet just to play it!

I’ll check it out, thanks!

It’s more anime than Battletech, but it’s the best we got.
Multiplayer only. No tanks, no nothing but mechs. No NPCs, even.

It’s apparently PvP only, so I doubt it.

I have thought about the problems with that aspect. Namely that if you’re randomly assigned most people will just exit out of games until they get a 'mech (or a plane if they’re so inclined.) And if it assigns vehicle slots based on past successes, then most people will never get in the hatch of a 'mech :frowning:

But I still wait for the day where the World War II MMPvP sims are brought to the Mech universe. “Battles” for buildings would be Doom-like against other foot soldiers (with terrain that can be destructed by artillery or certain mech and plane weapons ::::drool:::: ) with those that can temporarily clear the building being safe to take potshots at vehicles.

I couldn’t tell from your OP what you’re thinking of as “recent,” but Mechwarrior: Mercenaries is one of my favorite PC games of all time, and I would love it if they released a newer game in the genre. Mech Commander was interesting but not as fun, being much more of a RTS than a first-person shooter.

They revamped Battlezone as a tank sim/resource game. It was pretty fun and felt like Mercs.

The latest stuff I saw in the Mech universe was like 4 years ago, right after the latest PC game came out there was a Mech game for the X-box, whose name has mercifully been blocked from my memory, as it featured POWER UPS for your Mechs :rolleyes:

Mercs was awesome. I can’t get it to boot on my Vista machine, but if I can’t get my fix soon I’m going to fix my XP machine just to play Mercs some more.

Heh - that was the other thread I kicked off last Sunday afternoon, http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=490230

Yeah, I can’t think of a mech “simulator” more recent than the Steel Battalion series. There’s plenty of mech games; it’s just that none of them really seem to match what the OP wants.

I enjoyed the first Armored Core for Playstation (and got the sequel on super-used discount at Blockbuster but have yet to play it) but if you do get some, stay away from the first game that was released for PS2 (Armored Core 2.) Despite the console launching with analog sticks as standard, they did not work in that game, making control difficult. While the first game for Playstation was also D-pad only, in AC2 it felt really sluggish and imprecise.

So I dug out Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries last night. To my surprise, it booted right up on my vista machine, with no tweaking.

Yup, still fun. Wiki sez there’s a couple mods out there, updated graphics and such. I think I’ll check them out tonight.