Looking for quilter for fairly simple custom job

I am finally realizing that my much-beloved west African wardrobe isn’t going to get as much use back home as I thought it would, and it’s time to reclaim the closet space it is taking. Traditionally, former Peace Corps volunteers turn their old African textiles into a quilt. The problem? I am apparently the only American without a single family member who quilts.

Would anyone here be interested in a relatively simple quilting job? I’m hoping to turn maybe 20 pieces of African cotton clothing into a bedspread. It doesn’t need to be too complicated, and I’m not too picky, but these textiles do have a lot of warm memories attached to them, so I’m hoping for something that is good quality that will last a lifetime. The fabrics are varied and so it might take some creativity (and maybe some extra fabric) to make it all work together. I can pay a competitive price.

Please PM me if interested. Thank you!

Hi, just saw yur thread. Did you ever get your quilt made? You can have even a novice sewer cut the fabric into big squares and stitch it together in a pleasing pattern. Contact a local quilt guild,or independent fabric shop, they should have some nice people who can do the quilting for you, or if not, recommend some places you can send the top to be done, either by machine or by hand. Good luck to you. Post a photo when yu get it done. Adios!

I gave my friend a bunch of clothes made from Africa. For my birthday last year she made me a quilt with all the cloth. It is my favorite thing.