Looking for Scribbler; Waiting for Godot

Scribbler, I hope I’m doing this correctly. I’ve never been on a message board before and I have no earthly idea what I’m doing. Please let me know if you receive this. It’s getting complicated conversing by snowflake.

Hey, Warble!

Welcome to the SDMB–a new and improved timewaster, guaranteed to fill every last second of available time. Oh, and, if you post long enough and stick around for a while, you’ll probably end up making friends and learning stuff, too. (I’m now dating a guy I met here. Go figure.) This place is even more addictive than the snowflake site is, if you can believe that. And it was from a thread here (The “Make your own snowflake!” thead) that I heard about the snowflake maker site thingie.

And I’m not “Scribbler.” I’m Scribble, the one and only.

How’s it going?

And check out a new thread I’m starting in this forum.