Would everyone please give a warm SDMB welcome to our new member, Warble!!

Okay. So, it is my pleasure to introduce Warble, someone who I “met” on this site. We had some fun exchanges, leaving each other messages on our snowflakes. You can re-read some of our little flaky conversations by looking at Warble’s creations (her nom-de-snowflake was “Laurel,” and her location was “Houston.”) and my flakes (or, at least, those flakes made by “Bubba” from Planet Earth. I don’t think we had any conversations on the flakes I made as “Scribble.”)

I can’t say I know her well yet, but she seems pretty cool. So please give her the usual friendly SDMB welcome.

Oh, and her snowflakes, by themselves, are worth seeing, too.


Warble’s not a member yet. She’s a guest. But, hey–please make her feel at home anyway.

But, boy, I feel like a :wally


What did you exchange?
Were bodily fluids involved?
Does the poor waif know what she’s letting herself in for, coming here?
Have you no shame?
And, what about Naomi?

BTW–Welcome, Warble! :slight_smile:

Welcome, Warble!

As a Canadian, I can attest to the beauty of snowflakes. :slight_smile:

I assume you’ve read the beginners’ handouts? Filled in the forms? Made your Q-507b selections? Don’t worry if it seems odd; some of that is only applicable after you pay for membership, and I’ve heard that a few provisions only kick in after your 5000th post.

Let me be the first to say that there is absolutely no truth to the rumours of bizarre initiation rituals here at the SDMB.

Again, welcome!

[sub]Have to go tell the others…[/sub]

Naomi? Who the heck’s Naomi?

Or have I just been whooshed?

Like a sonic boom, oh Child Of The Non-70’s. :smiley:

Welcome Warble, if you are smart, you will run far and fast from this place. If you are incredibly intelligent, have a somehat twisted sense of humor, and a love of pie, stick around, there are good times to be had.

Don’t worry, Bosda – I laughed at the Naomi joke.

Welcome, Warble – here, just hold this vat of calamari while we measure you for … well, never mind for what, you’ll find out when the time comes. :wink:


Thick, sticky pie! :smiley:

Hey–it’s not my fault I’m a child of the '80s.

So…okay, seriously…what’s the Naomi reference from? I mean, if there’s a good joke to be had, I don’t want to be left out.

Are we still doing the calamari thing for guests? I guess I won’t need these then. ::throws out the snails::

Alright. She signed the waiver cough cough I mean the entry forms, right?

It will be just fine warble. Find a happy place.

I laughed too. I didn’t fall out of my chair though, cause my chair, ya know, broke. :wink:

Welcome, young Warble!

psssssst…Warble, it’s a routine from an old kid’s show “The Electric Company.”

:: In the background, a tentacle flashes across the field of view, neatly scooping up Greenback’s snails. A moment later, there is a wet burp. ::

Excuse me. I have to go… tend to the calamari.


[sub]What were those measurements, twickster? I need to make sure the restrain–er, I mean, “safety devices” are sized right. And which goat are we using? [/sub]

Welcome, Warble! Pay no attention to those people behind the curtains…

And I got the Naomi reference…buncha whippersnappers…

Warbles wobble but they don’t fall down :slight_smile:

Welcome, Warble! Wet bar is behind the couch; we’ve got all manner of alcohol plus chocolate milk and a vast array of sodas. Pie is in the fridge but can always be heated in the microwave.

Hi Warble. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… You know, I’ve been here for about two and a half years and I never got my own welcome thread, message, or initiation. :frowning:

::: pouts :::

whips out [sub]heh, she said “whips,” heh heh heh[/sub] tape measure and sidles over to av8rmike

Be right with you, Sunspace, honey!

:: Sunspace perks up, looks around for the jello ::

Specifically, a soap-opera satire called Love of Chair. Organ music would swell as the curtain was opened. There would be a guy (Skip Hinnant) sitting on a chair, with a narrator’s voice reading the text that also showed up on the screen (the show’s purpose was to teach reading). Something like:

Then the narrator would implore the audience to “tune in tomorrow”, when we’d find out the answers to such questions as “Will the boy get up? Will he become sad? Is he hungry? And what about … (dramatic pause) Naomi?”

Oh, and what about Warble? Guess I should welcome her! Hope to see one of your posts soon so I can learn more about your interests and style, Warble!