Looking for slang expressions for "BS'ing"

Blowing smoke up your ass is a personal favorite, but I’d appreciate any other ones like this that you may have heard or enjoy using. I should also pre-empt any Judge Judy devotees by saying yes, I have heard her wonderful don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining. A great phrase. Thoughts on Judge Judy aside…

Do any others exist? I haven’t had a lot of luck with online slang dictionaries so far.

It doesn’t have the connotations of deliberately misleading people, but it’s a form of BSing nonetheless: talking through one’s hat. I like it because it’s more genteel that “talking out one’s ass,” and IMHO a funnier image, besides.

**Mental masturbation
Verbal diarrhea

A variation on “don’t pee on my leg”: “Pull this one, it’s got bells on it.”

Talking bollocks. As in “You’re talking bollocks mate”.

Take a page out of Colonel Sherman Potter’s book, and simply exclaim, “Horse hockey!”

Pigeon pellets!
Monkey muffins!
Pony pucks!
Bull cookies!

Ah, Col. Potter. Always telling it like it (metaphorically) is.

“Yankin my chain”

or John Leguizamo’s sign language for bullshit. Hold your arms in front of you, with one forearm stacked on top of the other. The arm on top should have the index and pinky finger pointed up like you are at a heavy metal concert or an Aggie football game. The lower arm should have the a fist opening and closing.

On review this is too farkin complicated to explain

Related to the OP, ther’es also “blowing sunshine up your ass.”


Thanks *very *much, folks- there are more than a few here that may do the trick (this is for something I’m writing). (Though keep 'em coming, by all means!)

archmichael, I was following your “sign language” instructions here in my cubicle, and when I looked down and realized what I was signing, I just lost it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Homer and Jethro had a song whose punch line was, “You wouldn’t be puttin’ the shuck on me, would you?”

Wait a minute; let me put on my tall boots.

I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

He’s shoveling it.


He spreads more bullshit than John Deere.

I heard a man use “talking sausage” for bullshitting once.

I heart that man.

Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

I use “bollocks” quite often, and from this, my ex (who couldn’t pronounce it correctly anyway, and would say “bull-ucks” instead of BOLL-OCKS) mangled it and came up with the very cute:

Bull socks.

The naval term for gossip in general is ‘scuttlebutt’, so called after the name for a drinking fountain.

I’ve heard someone described as ‘Full of prune juice’, and ‘So full of s**t their eyes are brown’.

There’s also the medical acronym: FOS, for constipation.

From an old gunnery sgt I once knew:
chewing the fat
smokin’ and jokin’

Shooting Shit

Talking through one’s teeth.
Talking out of the side of your mouth.
Speaking with a forked tongue.
Pulling the wool over my eyes.

Bull-jive. (“I was just bull-jiving them”)