Looking for software to record audio and mouse action.

I’ve written some software that takes input data and runs it across a series of user-configurable rules and alerts the users to anomolies in the data.

The rules themsleves, though not complicated in and of themselves, look similar but act quite differently. When I spend 20 minutes or so explaining the rules and showing examples, people understand how it works. Problem is, about 80 people across the country have to have it explained to them.

I could write out instructions, but it will take forever to write. It will be many pages long and no one will read it.

So, I have the idea that if I explain how the program works while showing the button presses and keystrokes at the same time, I can distribute a CD with this at the same time.

Does anyone know of software designed to record action happening a computer screen with audio commentary?


Perhaps this is what you’re looking for?



Excellent! I’ll try to figure out if it is purchasable without the rest of Lotus SmartSuite.